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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by Old Dude
Excellent Idea.

The Safe areas include:

FOOD COURT (everyone starts here in Round SIX)
FABRICS (includes clothing, shoes, etc. also cheap jewelry)
ELECTRONICS (all that good stuff; includes the quick-photo dept.)
HOUSEWARES (includes paint, knives, blenders and all kinds of dangerous stuff)

HEALTH & BEAUTY (includes the pharmacy)
CUSTOMER SERVICE (includes the restroom area, complaint desk, and main office)

The Warehouse, Lawn & Garden and the Grocery area have been overrun by Zombies.

Why this happened: I wanted to juice up the effectiveness of the time bombs. 1 in 8 is better than 1 in 10.

Edit: Changed "needed" to "wanted" in the second to last sentence.

If I were trapped in the zombie-filled mall (particularly if I had a nice stash of beer), I think securing the restrooms might be a priority...
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