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Sammy Winder

Originally Posted by minibronco
NIIIIIIIIIIICEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! So, gonna tell us what took you so long to extract and how you made the lightning?

good jOB!
Well, I'm really anal-retentive about the quality of the extraction and I will spend the Lions'-share of the time put into a work on this aspect of it. As with this Nick Ferguson High Res extraction I'm working on, you can see that often, I remove some of the background pixel by pixel, to create a seamless, almost perfect extraction. This one is taking considerably longer, because of all the facemask and such. Similar color tones often complicate the process, as well. Time comsuming, yes, but I hope to eventually have a library of perfect, High Res Extractions.

As for the clouds and lightning, they are from two different brush sets that I downloaded from:

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