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You see, the Ronin doesn't have a solid place to call home. Maybe his partner was eliminated. Maybe he got into the game late. But he winds up being recruited on a mercenary basis by a larger group.

What turns him int the Ninja is when he gets recruited by two groups at odds with one another.

Being an idealist at heart and generally disgusted with the whole situation, the Ninja will go into fistful of dollars mode, and start playing off the two groups against one another. This gets rid of undesirables, and also opens up housing for the ninja.

Unfortunately, this can only go so far, because, unlike the spaghetti westerns, the dead guys don't stay quiet in this game.

They moan and groan from the grave itself, and eventually they realize that someone is playing two sides.

Now, you'd think that this would mean certain death for our treacherous ninja, but oddly enough, the survivors rarely exact an immediate execution. Instead, knowing that the Ninja is an intermediary of information, they will often feed him false information, in an effort to introduce poisonously false info into the other camp. He becomes sort of a typhoid mary fistful of dollars psycho ninja assassin. He will be destroyed eventually, but not as soon as you'd think. Although some Ninjas have been known to have sudden attacks of guilt and just disappear for awhile - - sometimes even committing hari-kari - - but not usually until after they've proclaimed their guilt to the world. Late in the game, more often than not.

Of course, nothing is really more deadly than twin ninja assassins ...

More on that later.

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