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Originally Posted by Old Dude
Great pics!

BTW, Lots of good advice at:

Just a few examples:

11-18-2005, 08:52 PM
Well I just watched um..."bring it on" I think and wow...

It just hit me that some cheerleaders would come in handy in an outbreak because in this movie they threw them high. I mean high it was rather impresive. Then I decided say there are some people holed up in a building that you want or really need to get into but they won't or can't let you in. You aren't about to carry a ladder around to get in from the roof of this building but you could just throw a cheerleader up to secure a rope, and then you can just climb on up. Well I suppose that example is a little off because if they wanted you to come in they could just tie the rope after you throw it up. Let's say like fire escapes though you could do one of those lift them up and balance things and she could pull the ladder down. There were just so many ideas that came to mind as I watched this movie. *actually probally the only reason I watched it but hey*

I used to be a cheerleader...see I could come in handy in the end!! I still have the skills....
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