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jsco70 12-18-2009 02:08 PM

Recently Unemployed in Minnesota
First off, thanks to the Mane for creating the job networking forum. Didn't think I'd ever need to use it, but here I am.

I was employed with a financial services company in the banking industry. Our clients were primarily community banks with assets less than $1 billion. For the past four months I was a salesperson with both outside/inside sales responsibilities. Prior to this, I was the operations manager for five years. I moved to sales because I thought I would have an opportunity to make more money through bonus and commission.

My skill set is geared towards operations. I managed a small staff and was responsible for a number of daily, weekly and monthly operational functions. Furthermore, the company was relatively small so I was thrust into many tasks outside operations including customer service, sales, marketing, etc. I can go into further detail if necessary.

As for my next career opportunity, I'd prefer to find something outside of the banking industry if possible. I believe my skills easily transfer over to many different industries. With that said, I only have a couple of week severance so I'm not going to be picky for too long.

Finally, to make matters more interesting, I moved from Denver to SW suburbs of Minneapolis because of the high concentration of community banks in this region. I thought it made sense to develop personal relationships through face-face visits as opposed to just "dialing from Denver". Therefore, my network is not as strong as it was when I lived in Denver. I'm hoping there are some individuals in this area with contacts that might assist me in finding new employment, or simply build out a network. Thanks in advance for any insight or advice!

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