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Doggcow 07-13-2009 12:49 AM

Mariners be rollin!
Just took 3 of 4 from Texas! We be rollin with some of the sickest pitching in the league!

2 Allstars, Felix Hernandez and of course Ichiro

And a band of misfits that play like studs together!

And Griffey!

We taking this division!

Requiem 07-15-2009 09:14 AM

Considering the amount of injuries we've had -- and the rag tag group we've put together on the field, I'm absolutely thrilled that we're doing this well. The pitching and bullpen have been the biggest surprises. For us to be doing this well, given the circumstances, especially our horrendous offense -- is absolutely insane. We needed to make those big strides against the Rangers. Big confidence booster moving forward. I'd love to see us get to the post-season. Here's to hoping some bats can get rolling in the second half.

Doggcow 07-15-2009 10:14 AM

Yeah, Beltre was our only big bat other than "Tha Muscle" losing him hurt. Maybe we could make a move for a bat, I don't expect DAS GOOT to keep hitting .400

Doggcow 07-16-2009 09:19 AM

Mariners planning on signing this guy, we'd be unstoppable!

Requiem 07-16-2009 10:52 AM

Beltre was playing like garbage all year, easily his worst during his time with the Mariners since he signed with the team. Perhaps his thumb is still bothering him, I don't know, but he didn't have the pop in the bat as he used to, and really, never had the kind of pop he demonstrated while he was back in LA before we got him.

I think Franklin is demonstrating the type of player he can be on a daily basis with the Mariners. Around a .300 hitter, with a solid OBP. He's working counts better too, and that's something I like to see. Gillies is the same type of player who is lighting it up in High A right now, and might be MLB ready in two years; it'd be nice to have him as a fixture out there when Ichiro decides to hang them up.

As far as pop-in-the-bat, it's too bad Clement can't be consistent in the MLB, because he shows his ability quite well in Tacoma. Maybe Carp can be that guy in a year, or perhaps Saunders who should be poised to be a regular next season, perhaps a September call-up. Just depends on where the M's are at that time.

I'm frustrated that Raben wasn't able to play this year in the minors (microfracture surgery) and that Triunfel has been on the DL seemingly all year. Almonte is killing the ball, but striking out way too much. Halman has played like ****, and probably has more strikeouts than hits. (Damn close.)

I'm not sure if we'll be acquiring a bat, but we definitely need one. Unfortunately, the guys down in the minors who have power are likely 1-2 years away respectively from becoming contributors to our ball club.

The 2010 and 2011 Mariners will be interesting to see. To end the post, I'm still sad we got rid of Adam Jones. It's just too damn bad it couldn't have been Wlad in the deal. Hopefully Bedard can stay healthy and come around and get about 6-7 wins this second half and make the trade look somewhat respectable.

Doggcow 07-16-2009 12:08 PM

Beltre still leads the team in doubles. His bat was just heating up.

WABronco 07-18-2009 02:46 PM


Originally Posted by Doggcow (Post 2473710)
Mariners planning on signing this guy, we'd be unstoppable!

Pretty sure that guy was in our minor league system, actually. Josh Womack is his name.

We're clinging right now, IMO. As I type this the Angels are currently crushing the A's. If we lose tonight that's 6 behind in the loss column. We're at a point where if we have a few bad days it will push the arrow to "sell" much more than "buy"...

Hope we keep it up.

WABronco 07-18-2009 05:01 PM

Damn Gutierrez is a monster. Even when he wasn't hitting he was well worth having out there only for his amazing defense. If he keeps hitting like this we're talking one of the top CF in the game.

Doggcow 07-19-2009 12:08 AM


Originally Posted by WABronco (Post 2476051)
Damn Gutierrez is a monster. Even when he wasn't hitting he was well worth having out there only for his amazing defense. If he keeps hitting like this we're talking one of the top CF in the game.

Yeah, that trade really worked out well for us. We got some solid depth and Goot has been amazing. Not to mention our bullpen has been pretty solid this year, and Aardsma has been a great closer.

We just need a bat really bad is all.

Requiem 07-19-2009 09:49 AM

Hopefully we'll have a big W today. Maybe someone will get Batista off our hands or somebody else. Let's sell some homos outta here!

WABronco 07-22-2009 04:21 PM

Griffey in the 4 hole...LAWL

Griffey-Balentien...ya I'm gonna go workout instead, bye television.

WABronco 07-22-2009 06:12 PM

Wow what a surprise I come back to 1-0 Det against their worst starting pitcher.

Doggcow 07-22-2009 08:32 PM


Originally Posted by WABronco (Post 2479619)
Wow what a surprise I come back to 1-0 Det against their worst starting pitcher.

And Branyan Studded up for the W!

Requiem 07-22-2009 08:53 PM

Great to see Felix get a well-earned W after a great performance. He'd have about 13 wins right now if the Mariners could get runs for him instead of him going 7/8 deep and getting ND's.

WABronco 07-22-2009 10:29 PM


Originally Posted by Doggcow (Post 2479753)
And Branyan Studded up for the W!

Yes thank god. Lose that one and we're what 6.5 back? Yikes.

WABronco 07-23-2009 12:02 AM

Was just watching the Branyan HR again...god I love how some HR hitters have that subtle reaction when they jack one. Especially how Russell almost comes to a still pose then just drops the bat behind him....awesome. Him and Jason Giambi's "Hold it straight-armed out and toss it away like a toothpick" might be the most kickass HR poses in baseball.

Requiem 07-23-2009 10:22 AM

Branyan has been a pleasant surprise. If you would have told me he'd have the season (should have been an alternate in the All-Star game) he is having, I'd of pissed on and laughed at your face.

WABronco 07-23-2009 07:02 PM

For me, right now, look to trade:

Balentien (teams might value his power potential)
Bedard (if he has one or two good starts)
Anyone in the system, within reason

If we fall off between here and the 31st, all bets are off.

Requiem 07-23-2009 10:54 PM

What would we get from Balentien?

WABronco 07-24-2009 11:09 AM

IDK not much probably but a team like Pittsburgh, or some other rebuilding squad, might be intrigued by his potential. Regardless of his struggles, he's got amazing power and he's not a slug.

WABronco 07-25-2009 01:27 AM

Ya, ****ty SP going for us tomorrow, then Cliff Lee on Sunday.........pray the Angels lose.

WABronco 07-25-2009 10:54 AM

Wlad DFA'd, Saunders up.

Wlad was pretty much going to be dealt anyways...this almost guarantees it.

Doggcow 07-25-2009 11:32 AM

Ive never been a fan of Wlad. He strikes out way too much and is the anti-clutch.

Requiem 07-25-2009 12:26 PM

Plus he has that mole or birthmark on his face. I can't have an ugly outfielder on my team.

WABronco 07-25-2009 02:03 PM

Some serious rumblings going on in Seattle. Rumors of Seattle getting in on another 3 team trade that would send a guy like Cliff Lee or V-Mart to Tampa Bay. The most obvious piece coming back to use would be Reid Brignac, and they were talking about Seattle taking back Scott Kazmir too (bad contract, declining pitcher, but maybe still salvageable).

If you guys don't make a daily visit to:'re missing out.

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