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RhymesayersDU 12-23-2006 01:44 AM

Wizards/Suns Thread!
I know everybody is focused on the AI debut, and for good reason... But did anybody watch the Wizards/Suns game? Man, fantastic game that went into OT. Wiz won, ending the Suns' streak @ 15.

Some observations:

-Gilbert Arenas is your scoring champ this year. I don't care how well Kobe does, and it has nothing to do with Melo losing points to AI. Arenas cannot be stopped.

-Caron Butler does not get nearly enough credit. He is a real strong player.

-People can say Amare isn't 100%, but check out his dunk late in the 4th quarter. It'll probably be on the Top 10. If that ain't 100%, it's 99.9.

-Steve Nash was deserving of 2 MVP awards.

-These new Wizards gold alternate jerseys are ill. They're way better than their normal blue/green/aqua/whatever color they got going.

-I feel bad for Phoenix. I believe tonight would have been 17 in a row had they not been stuck in Denver until literally an hour before tonight's game. Even with that problem, they still had opportunities to win.

-It's still to be determined if the Suns' style of play can take them all the way, but if this crew stays healthy, watch out.

-With that said, the East is wide open, and if Arenas gets hot in the playoffs, they could be repping the East.

ludo21 12-23-2006 07:20 PM

tough loss.

Nash looked goooood.

They could have won in regulation, as well we could. Fun game tho.

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