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Houshmazode 10-27-2006 10:11 PM

Carmelo sig

dbroncos78087 10-27-2006 10:26 PM

Pretty nice, i dont follow basketball as closely as the other sports, but i do know a thing or 2. And Carmelo is pretty good. Nice work.

minibronco 10-29-2006 09:14 PM

I like the layering and the lighter colors.

RhymesayersDU 10-30-2006 11:49 AM

Bad Ass!

/saves on hard drive

Master___Pain 11-02-2006 09:50 AM

Anyone want to make me a Nuggs collage with Melo, Camby, Martin, Miller, Rocky, etc? I need something cool for my Nuggs Season Preview blog entry that I'm doing today. I would prefer it 400x 400, or at least more square than rectangular.

Thanks to who ever can help.

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