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BowlenBall 03-31-2013 06:33 AM

2013 Draft All-Scrabble Team
Prospects for the 2013 NFL draft whose first AND last names are both playable in Scrabble:

31 points - Jack Griffin, K, Florida International
24 points - Jasper Collins, WR, Mount Union
23 points - Nick Florence, QB, Wake Forest
21 points - Jordan Mills, OT, Louisiana Tech
21 points - Nick Moody, OLB, Florida State
20 points - John Sullen, OG, Auburn
20 points - Dan Spitz, OT, Washington State
19 points - Jordan Reed, TE, Florida
19 points - Dalton Freeman, OC, Clemson
18 points - Ray Graham, RB, Pittsburgh
18 points - Spencer Ware, RB, LSU
16 points - Rod Sweeting, CB, Georgia Tech
16 points - Matt Smith, OC, Kentucky
16 points - Matt Brown, QB, Illinois State
15 points - Brad Wing, P, LSU
14 points - Tress Way, P, Oklahoma
14 points - Dalton Botts, P, Miami (FL)
13 points - Ace Sanders, WR, South Carolina
13 points - Rob Beard, K, Oregon
13 points - Ben Cotton, TE, Nebraska
12 points - Tom Wort, ILB, Oklahoma

Honorable Mention:
28 points - Jake Stoneburner,TE, Ohio State
24 points - Ray Ray Armstrong, S, Miami (FL)

Ace: to score a point against in a single stroke
Beard: to oppose boldly
Ben: an inner room
Botts: the larvae of a bottfly
Brad: to fasten with thin nails
Brown: of a dark color
Collins: an alcoholic beverage
Cotton: to take a liking
Dalton: a unit of atomic mass
Dan: a level of skill in martial arts
Florence: florin
Freeman: one who is free
Graham: whole-wheat flour
Griffin: a mythological creature
Jack: to raise with a type of lever
Jasper: a variety of quartz
John: a toilet
Jordan: a type of container
Matt: to matte
Mills: grinds by mechanical means
Moody: given to changing moods
Nick: to make a shallow cut in
Ray: avnarrow beams of light
Reed: the stalk of tall grasses
Rob: to take property from illegally
Rod: a straight, slender piece of material
Sanders: people that sand
Smith: a worker in metals
Spencer: a trysail
Spitz: a dog having a heavy coat
Sullen: showing a brooding ill humor or resentment
Sweeting: a sweet apple
Tom: the male of various animals
Tress: a long lock of hair
Ware: to beware of
Way: a method of doing something
Wing: an organ of flight
Wort: a plant, herb, or vegetable

BowlenBall 03-31-2013 06:34 AM

And yes, it was a VERY slow day at work....

OBF1 03-31-2013 04:52 PM

work.... really???

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