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baja 02-28-2013 08:31 PM

Are ya mad yet?
PATENTS on LIFE make it LEGAL for Corporations like Monsanto to destroy us biologically-, as well as economically
Cdsapi’s Added Comment: As a society, we have permitted ourselves to be boxed into a corner where the rug is being pulled out from under the essentials needed for the survival of “life” itself.
This is what happens when:
- “a philosophical, monopolistic economic paradigm” takes precedence over the “protection of Life’s essentials” – When WISDOM is thrown to the wind as “old-fashioned” so that the protection of Corporate WEALTH takes precedence over the protection of public HEALTH.
- when the public swallows the ridiculous propaganda that “exponential Corporate wealth” translates into an economy that serves the public good;
- when the public, like philosophically hypnotized lemmings, gullibly swallows the propaganda that “the common good” is the objective of, and is served by, the boardroom agendas and decisions geared to monopoly Corporate control, manipulation and exploitation of everything they can legally (and illegally) get their hands on;
- when the public permits its offices of governance and its judiciary to be filled with hijacking Trojan Horse from these Corporations, who then pass laws that legalistically guarantee that “Corporate Criminality” will be protected as “Corporate Rights”, to systematically gain proprietary ownership control over, and can dismantle, the essentials for life upon which the rest of humanity depends - all in order to legally protect Corporate milking, fleecing and pillaging operations that are nothing more than casino games of wealth-transfer into their coffers.
- when the public, through apathy and complacency, remains largely uninformed, misinformed and gullible, and fails to fight with unflinching determination to protect the essential foundations of its own biological SURVIVAL.;
– when the public permits the rulings of a hijacked judiciary to legalistically confine humanity to a Corporate-run prison.
Monsanto has been permitted to build and operate a Food Sovereignty Prison that it now OWNS, runs and guards – with government and judicial protection.
Monsanto is now in a control position where it has so far managed to decree that all consumers in NA be forced to eat TOXIC GMO foods because it forbids identifying labeling, and it also controls the disappearance of the conventional seeds that people need when they try to grow their own food.
Monsanto controls the FOOD INDUSTRY - we eat whatever they decree, and can face famine when they so decree - because governments have passed laws that permit and protect this criminality. FOOD has become a WEAPON of control.
The laws that permitted the PATENTING of LIFE in a hijacked government should never have been allowed to pass - and those laws must now be rescinded – there is no other choice if CIVILizaton is to survive the criminal manipulations of a tightly knit crime syndicate that is determined to RULE all aspects of life with monopoly PATENTED control.
The public failed to see the future oak tree when this acorn was allowed to be planted.
The essence of good law is that no segment of society can gain and exercise dictatorial control over other segments of society.
The essence of Justice is that the judiciary protects the “common good” and the right to self-reliance of individuals - and can’t be hijacked to protect the criminality of powerful Corporate monopolies, rendering the rest of humanity their victims.
WE have allowed ourselves to be backed in this corner by default
- “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”:
- and the public was not vigilant; it was, and most still are, asleep at the switch.
We are going to have to fight our way out of this legalistic corner by determined involvement.
The people who are now fighting so valiantly are a mere handful of very dedicated individuals.
It will require every citizen to exercise his/her CIVIC DUTY to watch and control their governments and the laws that they pass – to keep their feet to the fire - the alws that they pass, often in complete secrecy, are the laws under which we are thereafter forced to live and with which they demand our blind obedience in an ever more “policed” environment.
Cdsapi - Citizens Demand Scientific, Academic and Political Integrity

baja 02-28-2013 08:48 PM

From an email

mhgaffney 03-01-2013 11:29 AM

Hell, I been mad.

This is only one of many reasons.

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