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cutthemdown 02-21-2013 11:43 AM

did flu shots work for you?
I have never gotten one because IMO they don't work.

Looks like once again they just hope the flu shot will be for the right strain.

Requiem 02-21-2013 11:55 AM

The flu shot doesn't cover all strains because viruses change over time. That is why some people get the vaccination and still end up getting it. I haven't got a flu shot since it was required for me in college. I still got the flu that year. I've had it maybe three times in the past 7 years. No biggie.

underrated29 02-21-2013 12:33 PM

If the odds of you getting the flu any year are 1:50
then the odds of you getting the flu with the flu shot any year are 1:100

I have to get the flu shot every year because my mom has cancer and she basically has to be in a bubble, so if I am to ever see here I have to have it. So, I have been getting it and I have not really gotten sick. Some years I have, some not.

If I wasnt required to get it I would probably not do it, but I have to say I have noticed I have been less likely to get sick. What I really notice though is that it seems when everyone is sick I do not get sick. That is the one thing I have absolutley noticed. Even if I get sick later that year, its usually not when everyone else is. What that means I do not know. Just something I have come to notice these past few years

Pony Boy 02-21-2013 02:44 PM

I haven't had the flu since I started getting a flu shot every year. They have a drive-thru flu shot set up at the hospital. Just roll down the window and stick your arm out ..... Easy Peezy all done.

kdissette 02-21-2013 03:23 PM

i got my first one at work and within 5min my face swelled up like i was stung by a im allergic to almost eveyrthing you could think of...nyquil, tylenon, ibuprofen, zpacks, all because of a flu shot....worst decision healthwise i think ive ever made

02-21-2013 04:43 PM

The flu epidemic this winter was not the type we got the shot for. As I work in a hospital, I was told to get the shot or wear a mask every day, all day, at work. Some other facilities threatened to fire workers who didn't get the shot. First time that's ever happened, and the order apparently came from the state.

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