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txtebow 02-19-2013 07:13 AM

Ilana Mercer---smart,practical and not too shabby on the eyes..

Cotto: Multiculturalism is spreading rapidly across the Western world. This has led not only to cultural barriers, but tremendous religious and ethnic conflicts. What are your views on the subject?

Ilana Mercer: Multiculturalism as practiced in the West amounts to top-down, centrally enforced and managed integration. Show me a historical precedent where forced integration has worked. As it works across the Anglo-American and European spheres, one group (the founding, historical majority) is forced by self-anointed and elected elites, on pain of public and professional ostracism, to submerge its history, heroes, customs, culture, language, and pander to militant minorities, who’ve been acculturated by the same elites in identity-politics warfare.

As a libertarian, I believe that the right to include or exclude; associate with or dissociate from, is inherent in the right of private property. Private property is a civilizing institution. How better to keep the peace than to respect the right of free private-property owners to keep their distance (or not)—to hire, fire, and, generally, associate at will? This foundation of civil society is being dismantled for the sake of militant multiculturalism and policed pluralism

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txtebow 02-19-2013 07:17 AM

Many of the left wing 'Maners suffer from this condition...
Cotto: Political correctness has brought many changes to American public discourse. How do you regard its legacy?

Mercer: As I write in “Into the Cannibal’s Pot,” “PC is the law of rule — mob rule — as opposed to the rule of law. Political correctness is tyranny euphemized. In fiction, the Orwellian Ministry of Truth is a reified entity. In reality, there isn't one concrete ministry that decides how the nation thinks — there are many such entities. America's many Ministries of Truth include the education system, most churches, the self-anointed ‘intellectuals,’ the ruling duopoly and their attendant TV bobbleheads. They issue countless edicts. This ‘dark art of rule’ demands obedience.

"Choose to disobey, and you risk public shame, libel, and loss of livelihood. Sometimes The Ministries of Truth will lunge for your property in the form of a law suit. Canada's Ministries have a special Kangaroo Court in which they judge Un-PC speech (mainly), and from which traditional legal defenses have been barred. Examples of such expunged defenses: an appeal to truth and the lack of intent to harm. This self-inflicted tyranny, so typical of Western societies, plays a role in collapsing our societies.”

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Rohirrim 02-19-2013 10:18 AM

Amazing how the indoctrinated all speak the same language, isn't it? It's as if they go to special seminars to learn all the lingo. I also love the ideological conceit that the argument over the meaning of private property (which has been going on since Aristotle) is suddenly resolved and set aside by the wizards of Libertarianism (another silly philosophy that can only look forward to the "lone and level sands" stretching far away), and probably soon at that. What else can anybody expect from the Washington Times? If you look into a toilet, expect to find ****.

Here's a simple explanation of Libertarianism, for those who don't know. I'll give a short class: It's where you take a human failing, like greed for example, and turn it into a virtue. You fashion a philosophy around this first error that pretends that greed is the same as liberty, ergo private property is a sacred bestowal of the gods and (after this twisted syllogism) come to the conclusion that private property is the same thing as freedom. From such philosophical juvenalia, you create an ideology, a dogma and an entire lingo to support your faux doctrine, while tap dancing like mad to conceal the fact that your new religion is devoid of morality or ethics. Then, you chastise and berate anybody that doesn't agree with you that greed is the salvation of mankind. It's like Ayn Rand made flesh; The essence of envy and bitter drunkeness turned into an ideology. It's like something out of Futurama, except this time, it's Rand's head in the bottle, not Nixon's, and all it can do is mutter over and over and over again, "Me, me, me, me, me, me, me..." ad infinitum. What fun! Let's make a utopia out of ME!

Since greed is not a virtue, the whole thing falls on its face. After all, at its essence is the message that the purpose of life is to do whatever is necessary to acquire, to amass, to seize and control. It will only last as long as the hucksters that keep selling it are able to dupe enough people to keep believing in it. How long that will take, who knows? People are easily seduced, especially when somebody is willing to pander to the darker angels of our nature.

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