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GreasyQtip 10-20-2012 07:21 AM

Old school funny Broncos transcript: The Stuffed Beaver
I love when some clip comes out that shows some insight into old Bronco stuff that has been forgotten.

So on PFT they have been discussing some old footage where in 1996 it shows several players talking about paying players for big hits etc.

Well the Broncos are heavily involved (and implicated) in this one and there is a funny commentary between our old D coordinator, Romo and Alfred Williams


Greg Robinson: “From everything I understand, just going back to my schooldays, a beaver is known as the most diligent worker in the animal kingdom, noted for his ingenuity.”

Andrea Kremer: “Greg Robinson was Pete Carroll’s defensive coordinator in New York, before taking the same job with the Broncos. And although his definition of the beaver sounds strangely familiar, Robinson denies using a stuffed animal as a motivational technique in Denver.”

Kremer (watching tape with Robinson): “What do you use this for?

Greg Robinson: “Use this for? You’re referring to?”

Kremer: “The stuffed animal.”

Robinson: “The stuffed animal? There’s no stuffed animal around here.”

Bill Romanowski: “I think it was our first game, and I knew nothing about ‘the Beaver,’ and sure enough Greg Robinson pulls out this little stuffed animal. And we’re getting ready to go out on the field, and he’s saying, ‘The Beaver is out! The Beaver is out!’ And I’m looking at this guy like he’s nuts.

Andrea Kremer, to Greg Robinson: “You’re denying any knowledge of using this for motivational purposes?”

Robinson: “Uh, absolutely.”

Alfred Williams: “He carries it in his pocket and then, you know, before he goes on the field he has a puppet beaver and [laughter] . . . I can’t believe you asked me this, man, but it was great. It’s great.

Pete Carroll: “Probably the all-time ‘beave’ was the one on the goal line against Buffalo.”

Andrea Kremer: “That hit led to an appearance by the Beaver in the 49ers’ game film.”

That is just part of the whole transcript, curious what some people remember about this time?

broncosteven 10-20-2012 10:41 AM

You act like this is prehistoric, to me this is recent!

broncocalijohn 10-20-2012 04:54 PM

Greg Robinson defense. Bend but don't break. It was frustrating at times but much better than Charlie Waters defensive schemes. Of course better players but if Wade Phillips took his HC job to include more on defense and had OC run the offense, he might not have been canned. Phillips is a great DC but bad head coach.

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