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BowlenBall 10-02-2012 09:05 AM

The Unitas Family -- all class!
Compare this attitude with the '72 Dolphins. Absolutely great perspective from the Great Johnny U's son.

"I wanted to take a minute to congratulate you on tying my fatherís record for most consecutive games with a touchdown pass," Joe Unitas wrote to Brees. "Iíve been follow(ing) your pursuit of the record since last season. Iím a big fan of yours, and wish you the best Sunday night against San Diego as you try to break the record. My father always said that records were meant to be broken. I know that if he was still with us that he would wish you the best as well."

Beantown Bronco 10-02-2012 09:32 AM

No doubt.

ludo21 10-02-2012 09:43 AM

no doubt that the record was meant to be broken.

very nice of joe to write this for Brees

broncocalijohn 10-02-2012 09:46 AM

I wonder how a response from Cutler would go if someone was going afterone of his records?

Hey Derik Bloathrow,

I see you are going after my dubious record of most picks for a touchback. Do everything possible to make this a reality. Yell at your front line, walk away from your offensive coordinator, frown a lot, don't listen to anyone but you cannon and if anyone tries to tell you different, just look at them all drunk eyed and say, "Dooooooonnnnn't Caaarrrrrrre!"

If you happen to fail at this request, may you get diabetes and find yourself in bed with one of Orton's skanks.

Jay Cutler
The Chicago Douche (and proud of it)

BowlenBall 10-02-2012 09:53 AM

Peyton Manning on Johnny Unitas:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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