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RhymesayersDU 12-08-2006 04:54 PM

Report: Iverson Demands Trade


Report: Iverson wants out of Philly
Posted: 2 minutes ago

Allen Iverson and the Philadelphia 76ers have put up with each other, through good times and bad, for the last decade.

But that could be coming to an end very soon. According to a report on the New York Post's website, Iverson has demanded a trade.

Citing two agents whose clients play for the 76ers, the Post report said Iverson went to team president Billy King last Tuesday and made the demand, even though he'd said throughout his career that he'd never do such a thing.

The Post also cites two general managers that King contacted on Thursday, who claim the 76ers are aggressively trying to accommodate Iverson's request.

The 76ers have lost five straight to fall to 5-12 on the season. And even though that mark leaves them just a game-and-a-half out of first place in the woeful Atlantic Division, Iverson has grown increasingly frustrated with the team's situation.

Particularly its head coach.

The Post report quotes an unnamed agent who said Iverson told King he likes Maurice Cheeks as a person, "but not as a coach."

Iverson's stretch in Philly has seen highs most notably an appearance in the 2001 NBA Finals and an MVP season in 2000-01.

But it has also been characterized by clashes with 76ers management. Iverson was suspended during the 2003-04 season for missing practice, leading to the infamous "We're talking about practice" press conference. Iverson also was benched for last year's season finale after showing up late for fan appreciation night.
Interesting. If this is true, I wonder where he goes?

Dudeskey 12-08-2006 05:17 PM

Denver, dump Miller

Casper Bronco 12-08-2006 08:11 PM

They can't do this to us again. It's not fair if he doesn't end up in Denver.

Clockwork Orange 12-08-2006 09:03 PM

Iverson to Denver makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons.

1. Carmelo would love it. He's been quoted recently as saying how much he enjoyed being a teammate of Iverson's at the 2004 Olympics. The two of them are friends and it certainly doesn't hurt to keep your franchise player happy.

2. From a business standpoint, it'd be huge for the Nuggets. Think of how many tickets and powder blue Iverson jerseys they'd sell. The buzz that a move like this would create would be massive. It would also show that the current front office is capable of getting a big deal done, unlike the last regime.

3. Having two players out there who can drop 30+ per night does not suck.

Do the Nuggets have the pieces to make this deal happen? Who knows? I refuse to get my hopes up at all for this to happen just because I've been burned enough times by them almost getting blockbuster deals done that I won't allow it to happen again.

I'm all for it, though.

24champ 12-08-2006 09:40 PM


Originally Posted by RhymesayersDU (Post 1394063)

Interesting. If this is true, I wonder where he goes?

Im not a Nugget fan by any means but Denver is the best possible choice for the Sixers and AI. However does the Nuggets owner want to cough up the dough?

Orange_Beard 12-08-2006 10:56 PM

The owner has the money and will spend it. Stan Kronke will spend cash.
The real problem is do the Nugs have anything to give for AI?

I sure hope that they can come up with something.

theAPAOps5 12-08-2006 11:05 PM

Well one of the Chairmans of Philly told ESPNs Lisa Saulter that Iverson did demand a trade, that they will accomodate that, and when asked if Iverson played his last game for Philly he said most likely.

As for the Nuggets who can we give up? Nene and Miller were rumored this summer for him but does Philly want a player with an injury track record? Do we give up a trade pick we have? What about money and the luxury tax?

Worst case scenario would be Minnesota getting him as we would have to play him a lot more.

spdirty 12-08-2006 11:06 PM

give em Miller, Nene, and KMart. Hell, throw in one of next years first rounders if that doesnt do the trick as well. Itd free up more than enought salary to pay the man.

theAPAOps5 12-08-2006 11:12 PM

Except Phily would then be strapped with way more salary then what they are dealing away. No way they take all that with out us paying concessions.

Rascal 12-09-2006 12:55 AM

Miller, next years first, and 2008 second.

Throw in Kmart if they will take the POS.

Rascal 12-09-2006 12:57 AM

Where will Iverson be traded to?By David Aldridge
Well, we knew it would happen sooner or later, so now is as good a time as any.

We told you on draft night in June that Allen Iverson wouldn't make it through the season with the 76ers. And now, the fuse has been lit. It's just a matter of when it goes off, and we can all get on with our basketball lives.

Does it really matter if it's Iverson who's stoking the fire, as the New York Post reported yesterday, or if it's Billy King serving as the catalyst? Iverson's asked to be traded before, and King's tried to accommodate him before. Last time, it was King instigating trade talks and Iverson reacting.

Bottom line: We're back to where we've been a half dozen or so times in the last few years.

At least there's a potential market for Iverson, small as it may be. There is no interest anywhere in taking on the last 19 months and $43 million of Chris Webber's deal.

"No one's taking Webber," an Eastern Conference coach said yesterday.

So, Iverson. We're way, way past the point of equal value; this is a salvage operation from here on out. Where can King turn? Here's where he's likely placing calls:

1. Denver: This nearly happened in February, when the Sixers almost pulled the trigger on a deal that would have sent Iverson to the Nuggets for a package including Kenyon Martin. King denied that any talks with Denver got serious, blaming loose lips on the Nuggets.

Believe whomever you want.

But the Nuggets still have interest. With Martin shelved for the rest of the season, Carmelo Anthony is seeking a true second scoring option. Yes, J.R. Smith has been better than advertised, but George Karl, who's coached the likes of Gary Payton and Anthony Mason over the years, won't be intimidated by Iverson, and he is intrigued by playing his high-octane style with Iverson and Anthony flying up and down the court.

The Denver package would almost certainly include guard Andre Miller - whom the Sixers don't especially like, but desperation makes for strange conversions - and either of two veteran forwards, Eduardo Najera or Joe Smith. To make the deal work cap-wise, Philly would have to take a body or two from the pile of Julius Hodge, DerMarr Johnson or Jamal Sampson.

They're talking.

2. Boston: You all know how close things got around the draft, when the Sixers, Celtics and Jazz nearly pulled off a three-way deal that would have sent Iverson to Beantown, Carlos Boozer (and Boston's first-round pick) to Philly, and Wally Szczerbiak to the Jazz. Discussions have cooled considerably since then, with the Sixers still reluctant to move Iverson within the division and Utah certainly no longer taking calls about Boozer.

Without a third team, however, a deal with Boston is far less likely. Boston's not trading Paul Pierce, and the Sixers aren't much interested in Szczerbiak. The Celtics aren't wedded to all of their young players (Gerald Green and Delonte West are the current untouchables, with rookie Rajon Rondo an almost), but they no longer have contracts with enough loot to make a one-on-one deal possible.

That could change if Philly could coerce a team like, say, Minnesota to get involved along with Boston. (No, not for Kevin Garnett; think Ricky Davis and Mark Blount.)

They've talked. They'll probably talk again.

3. Indiana: The disappointing Pacers are looking to shake things up, and Larry Bird has always been an Iverson fan. The question, though, is whether Indiana, reeling from numerous public relations disasters involving its players, can bring A.I. to town. If they answer yes, they'd want to keep Jermaine O'Neal (otherwise, what's the point of the deal?), so the trade would have to involve point guard Jamaal Tinsley. The Sixers would certainly also ask for rebounding machine Jeff Foster. But would the Pacers also part with second-year forward Danny Granger or Marquis Daniels, the former Maverick?

Hear they're talking, but don't know how seriously.

4. Memphis: Any trade talks involving the Grizzlies have been on hold - at least that's what Jerry West has been saying - while the majority interest in the team was being pursued by former Duke player Brian Davis' group.

But it looks as if the Davis purchase may come a cropper, with the league taking the unusual step of publicly rebuking Davis last week for not providing all of the financial information the league needs to consider his bid.

If the faucet is eventually turned back on, the Grizzlies - 28th in the league in attendance through Thursday, at just more than 15,400 per game - desperately need someone who can fill FedEx Forum on a more regular basis.

5. Sacramento: A long shot, but if the Kings really are shopping Mike Bibby (not for Iverson, just shopping him), you have to give them a call.

6-30. Atlanta, Golden State, Indiana, blah, blah, blah: We don't see another player out there now, but it takes only one phone call to change that.

Contact columnist David Aldridge at 215-854-5516 or

theAPAOps5 12-09-2006 01:27 AM

George Karl told reporters tonight that Denver is not entering the Iverson sweepstakes. How much that is true remains to be seen but he seemed to make it clear they were putting the kabosh on any rumors.

Jens1893 12-09-2006 02:00 AM

This guy speculates it would take Miller, Smith and a first to get AI ... and especially for Gonzo, he even mentions the Celtics!

Rascal 12-09-2006 02:00 AM

Geesh. 37 points and counting for JR, and 32 for Melo. Miller has NINETEEN ASSISTS!!!

Rascal 12-09-2006 02:03 AM

I wouldn't want to give up Miller, JR, and a first for him. Looks like we finally got a PG, let's don't trade him when he has so many years ahead and is just beginning to mature.

Jori 12-09-2006 02:08 AM

A quote from Silent Stan on the ESPN broadcast saying that the Nuggets are interested in AI.

Rascal 12-09-2006 02:10 AM

I just hope we don't give up JR.

Clockwork Orange 12-09-2006 02:22 AM

They won't give up JR. They're not gonna pawn off a 21 year old shooter who is filling the role they've desperately needed for years.

Carmelo and JR are the only two I can see not being dangled in a possible deal. The only expiring contracts they have are Joe Smith and Eduardo Najera (combining for somewhere between $12-$13 million). Miller & Nene's contracts make it workable, but how much interest the 76ers have in those two is questionable. They couldn't give Kenyon away even if they wanted to. They have two 1st rounders in the coming draft (their own and the Mavs).

I guess it's just going to come down to which Western Conference team offers up the best package (I don't believe they have any intention of trading him within their Conference). Minnesota wants him, but they have less to offer than Denver. I've heard Dallas is interested. Golden State pursued him in the offseason. The Clippers have been after him in the past.

It's gonna be interesting to see how this all shakes out.

Hercules Rockefeller 12-09-2006 02:25 AM

Estrat said they probably can't come up with a package that the Sixers would like

Clockwork Orange 12-09-2006 02:41 AM


Originally Posted by Hercules Rockefeller (Post 1394440)
Estrat said they probably can't come up with a package that the Sixers would like

I saw that, but I wonder who is gonna pony up anything big for him.

Any team in the East that wants him will likely have to knock the 76ers socks off with a package.

I guess it'll all depend on who is actually interested and what his perceived value is. He's 31 and his trade demands are now very public. Still, he's putting up 30+ per night, so they won't be giving him away.

RhymesayersDU 12-09-2006 11:39 AM

I think Minnesota maybe gets him.

Of course, I'm a huge Iverson mark. He's been my favorite player in the league since he entered, and is now only rivaled (and topped) by Carmelo. And CO hit it on the head. I'd have a jersey on order the day they made the pres conference.

But, as has been mentioned, I don't see how we get this done. K-Mart isn't an option anymore, unless Isiah is now running the 6ers. But, Kroenke last night on ESPN said he was interested, so who knows. Could you imagine somehow unloading Martin and getting AI in return? That would be a Christmas present.

But I think Minnesota could get them. I don't know how their salaries go, but they could get rid of Mike James, giving the 76ers somebody to fill AI's role, some draft picks, and maybe some expiring contracts. Again, I don't know their roster that well.

And I think that would end the "Is KG going to be traded? Does he want out?" discussion altogether.

I'm curious if AI stays in the East. I mean, are you really going to give him to a rival team? Perhaps. But we'll see. What I'm really interested in seeing is how quickly they get this done. Word out of Philly is that AI has played his last game... I don't know if I buy that. You're telling me they just whip up a huge mega-deal for a superstar with a huge contract over the weekend? I have a feeling this might go down to the trade deadline.. Or least the rest of this month.

spdirty 12-09-2006 01:33 PM

If we could somehow get him without giving up JR and/or melo, we would be instant title contenders.

I'd have multiple orgasms if we could unload Kenyon in the process.

epicSocialism4tw 12-10-2006 12:29 AM

Iverson wont be going to Minny:

Taylor Says Iverson Won't Come To Minnesota9th December, 2006 - 11:48 am
Pioneer Press -
Just because Kevin Garnett made a public plea for Minnesota to acquire Allen Iverson, doesn't mean it will happen.

"No trade," owner Glen Taylor said during the Wolves' 110-103 victory over Utah on Friday night at Target Center. "It isn't that I don't like him. Just money-wise, it wouldn't work out."

Jim Gray, reporter for ESPN, announced on the air that Iverson told him in a telephone interview Friday that he was heading to Minnesota. He came back on the air soon after to say that he had been "duped," admitting, "I was talking to an imposter."

Unfortunately, the word is that Cuban is a fan of Iverson's and that Iverson could be coming to Dallas. Ironically, the three players that have been mentioned in a package for Iverson didnt play tonight: Stackhouse, Anthony Johnson, and Croshere. Stack and Cro didnt even dress. Crikey.

Clockwork Orange 12-10-2006 01:37 AM

The reports are conflicting from the Nuggets. George Karl says the Nuggets won't be trading for him, but Stan Kroenke says they're interested. Who knows?

I'm starting to think that Iverson may end up staying in the Eastern Conference after all. Plenty can (and likely will) happen between now and when he's actually dealt, but it looks like there's plenty more interest out east than in the west.

epicSocialism4tw 12-10-2006 02:30 AM


Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange (Post 1395449)
The reports are conflicting from the Nuggets. George Karl says the Nuggets won't be trading for him, but Stan Kroenke says they're interested. Who knows?

I'm starting to think that Iverson may end up staying in the Eastern Conference after all. Plenty can (and likely will) happen between now and when he's actually dealt, but it looks like there's plenty more interest out east than in the west.

Yep. Cuban shot down the rumors before the Mavs/Nuggs tilt tonight with something to this effect: "We arent trading Devin Harris...and we arent interested in Iverson.

Boston, Atlanta, and Chicago have the assets to get it done.

I honestly dont see who would want to take him on for that gargantuan contract. He's 31, and he'll be reupping in a couple of years.

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