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srphoenix 04-02-2014 11:22 AM

With the 121st pick the Green Bay Packers select:

Aaron Murray, QB Georgia

STRENGTHS: As one might expect given his playing time, Murray does many of the little things well. He has a quick set-up and delivery. He throws a tight spiral and is creative in the pocket, showing the ability to slide and re-set, as well as deliver passes from a variety of arm slots. He throws deep passes with velocity and good trajectory and can attack down the seam with excellent touch, as well. He's starred in a pro-style offense for four seasons against elite competition and showed the mettle under fire as a senior to handle the leadership duties expected of a franchise field general.

WEAKNESSES: While there are plenty of positives to note when discussing Murray, one obvious concern is his lack of preferred size. The success of Drew Brees and Russell Wilson proves that shorter quarterbacks can be successful in the NFL. The greatest concern with short quarterbacks is their ability to see beyond the behemoths at the line of scrimmage and too many of Murray's passes over his career have been knocked down at the line of scrimmage. Durability is also an added concern with smaller quarterbacks. Brees and Wilson each also possess stouter frames than Murray. He's also coming off of the torn ACL, which obviously will require medical clearance at the Combine.

COMPARES TO: Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals - Just as Dalton did in guiding TCU to a Rose Bowl victory over Wisconsin, Murray answered critics of his poise with several impressive wins as a senior. Only an inch shorter than the 6-2, 220-pound Dalton and possessing at least as much arm talent, Murray could emerge as a quality starter in the NFL but might need talent around him to take his team to the promised land.

Florida_Bronco 04-02-2014 03:03 PM


Pick made at 5:04pm EST

DBroncos4life 04-02-2014 03:29 PM

Detroit Lions select Caraun Reid DT, Princeton.


This article goes into further detail about Reid's personal history, but I'll try to summarize some of the key points that encompass his interesting background. Reid was born in the Bronx to a pastor father and minister mother.

He did not begin playing football until high school, when he began as a freshman at Mount St. Michael Academy. By his senior year, there were several Ivy League schools inquiring about his services.

Reid chose Princeton and has really immersed himself in a variety of school activities. He's part of an a cappella group on campus (and has an incredible voice) and is also on the executive board of the school's Christian Faith in Action group.

When he pulled out of school for a semester to preserve his eligibility, Reid took a job as a student aide at Princeton Day School's Lower School. Clearly, he's an interesting, intelligent, and well-rounded person.

But on top of all that, Reid is a football player. And a pretty darn good one.

Good enough that, despite playing against relatively weak competition at one of the world's most rigorous academic institutions, he became the second Princeton player ever to be invited to the Senior Bowl and is considered a potential mid-round pick in May's draft.

Why is Reid being considered an NFL prospect? Let's take a look at what makes this defensive tackle so special on the field.


One of the big perks of playing in the Senior Bowl is the weigh-in and measurement process. Even though this happens again at the combine, the Senior Bowl events can give players some time to adjust themselves and try to cover their weaknesses while using their strengths that show up on the scale and/or ruler.

Just a few days ago, we got a look at how big Reid actually is. He measured in at 6'2 1/8", 301 pounds and apparently looked really stout and well-built for a 300-plus pound guy.

He also had 32 5/8" long arms, which is more than adequate, especially for a guy who is only about 6'2".

This is exactly the kind of frame that teams would have been hoping to see, and while it doesn't sway his draft stock dramatically, it certainly gave him another check mark on scouts' reports.

Reid utilizes this frame to be destructive in defending both the pass and run.

Run Stopping

Reid is a force up the middle. He isn't big enough and does not play like a nose tackle in a 3-4 defense, but relies a little more on finesse, hand technique and sheer determination.

There's a lot of promise in Reid's ability to stuff the run despite him not being an enormous, immovable hole-filler like many NFL defensive tackles are.

Reid consistently shows the ability to diagnose a play and figure out his best point of attack. From that point, he uses great leverage and violent hands to win position and make the stop.

One flaw is that he at times can be slow off the snap and therefore doesn't get any push into the backfield. This is a correctable issue, however, and is not prevalent enough to be an extreme concern.

Reid's ability to stuff the middle is particularly impressive because of his lack of bulk.

On this play, he drives the guard into the middle of the field, keeping his eyes in the backfield, and then sheds the blocker right as he meets the running back.

Reid is strong enough to be able to absorb that contact and then hold his ground to help make the tackle, which isn't surprising given the impressive physique he showed at the Senior Bowl weigh-in.

He isn't overly consistent against the run, however, and we have to keep in mind that these offensive linemen he's facing are a lot smaller (and just not as good) as the guys in the NFL. But he still seems to have a lot of the fundamentals and abilities that teams look for in a defensive tackle.

So while he isn't perfect against the run, he's certainly adequate. But Reid's biggest asset is really his ability to rush the quarterback.

Pass Rush

Reid thrives when he's given the green light to get into the backfield and disrupt the passer. He's an absolute terror who utilizes a number of different moves to beat his blockers.

This talent has helped him be a three-time All-Ivy League selection and rack up 20.5 sacks over his collegiate career. There are a number of ways Reid makes an impact in the passing game.

On some plays, Reid is able to just get a great jump off the snap, use his strong lower body and bull rush. This works especially well when he lines up against a tackle.

While he does have the capability to use a traditional bull rush, where he gets underneath his blocker, stays low and churns his legs to drive the blocker backwards, Reid is also explosive enough to use a unique type of punch that helps him create separation.

On this play, Reid literally just shoves the tackle backwards and then showcases his athleticism (more on that later) to get after the quarterback.

His tenacity, along with his natural physical ability, is impressive. He also seems to have good awareness and knows when to employ certain moves and how to be as disruptive as possible.

His most effective move might be a type of rip to the inside, when he turns his outside shoulder in and bends through the inside of the offensive lineman.

These two plays show this move, one that Reid should try to develop and use even more in the NFL.

When he executes it correctly, he has the quickness, hands and strength to get in and take a direct route to the quarterback. It's especially effective when he sees a hole and can catch the offensive lineman a bit off balance, which happens in that first play.

There are other plays, like this one below, that showcase Reid's explosiveness out of his stance, as well as his determination to get to the quarterback.

Reid gets going in a hurry, literally just bounces the running back off him and then closes in on the quarterback before the poor guy even knows what happened.

It's plays like these that will make NFL teams really intrigued. That's the type of quickness and athleticism that cannot be taught.


I don't think Reid gets enough credit for his ability to simply make plays. He isn't huge, doesn't have elite quickness or strength yet is able to sniff out opportunities and make the most of them.

Some of that ability comes from good awareness and an even better motor. Plays like this show Reid's relentless pursuit of the ball.

Reid starts off in pass-rush mode, diagnoses the screen, changes direction, sheds a blocker and then makes a great tackle on the running back.

This combination of awareness, perseverance and quickness is on display throughout the game. This play is similar to the previous pass-rushing snap in which he gets a big push on the ball, but this one is even more impressive.

Not only does he drive the blocker (a guard this time) backwards with one big push, but then in the same motion gets his legs churning at the right angle to pursue the quarterback.

While it's not a necessarily useful statistic on its own, seven blocked kicks shows Reid's explosiveness and ability to penetrate. More than just being a high number, it shows that Reid has some raw strength and the ability to use leverage to get near the holder quickly and get his hands up to block the kick.

Watch both of these two kicks (on successive plays) and marvel at Reid's sheer determination and power.

While Reid's tape is impressive overall, perhaps no three consecutive plays encompasses his upside as a prospect as thoroughly as these three do.

In this game against Brown in 2012, Reid was an absolute animal and wreaked havoc on the offense all game. These three plays show three different facets of Reid's game and offer a good synopsis of what he can do.

On the first play, Reid uses flat-out quickness to get around the left tackle and hurry the quarterback.

On the second play, Reid uses a variation of that punch, bull-rush move I mentioned earlier and then turns it up a gear and pursues the quarterback to make the play.

On the final one, Reid hurries the quarterback again, this time using great hand technique and then maintaining leverage while driving the lineman backwards into his own quarterback.

Reid is undoubtedly a fine prospect, but where will he end up? That's a difficult question to answer, and the next few months will better determine teams who might be interested in him.


Reid is versatile enough to play either defensive end in a 3-4 or as a defensive tackle in a 4-3. I think he's better suited as a 3-4 DE, however, and that's where he did most of his damage in college.

NFL teams will be enamored by Reid's pedigree. His Princeton degree and well-rounded, humble background will make him a hit at interviews. But it won't necessarily boost his stock as much as it will just prevent him from falling, which can happen to players with off-the-field issues.

Teams will also like his physique, and he has apparently played well at the Senior Bowl. He will also have to be impressive at the combine, because although "tape don't lie," people will definitely question the competition Reid faced in the Ivy League.

In the end, I think there's definitely a little risk in taking Reid because of his lack of experience against top college players. But he seems like the kind of person and player who will work hard and do whatever it takes to develop into an NFL defensive lineman.

Reid will never be an elite difference-maker, but if a team is patient with him he could become a regular starter. Unless he has a really bad combine (which I don't anticipate), I think he'll be a fringe top-100 prospect and deserves a fourth-round grade.

OBF1 04-02-2014 03:34 PM

With the 124th pick in the 2014 Orangemane NFL mock draft, The Miami Dolphins select Craig Loston, SS LSU. 6' 5/8" 215 lbs SS.

Watched a lot of this guy last year and he has tons of potential. Here is a small write up I found on him:

"STRENGTHS: Loston is in many ways a similar prospect as 2013 first-round draft pick and former LSU safety, Eric Reid. While perhaps not quite as athletic as Reid, Loston possesses a similar well-built frame, good instincts for the position and is a fearless hitter. Loston attacks downhill, showing rare acceleration and explosion as an open-field hitter."

rolandftw 04-02-2014 08:55 PM

With the 125th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the San Diego Chargers select Ahmad Dixon, SS, Baylor.

thumpc 04-03-2014 12:57 AM

With the 126 pick the New Orleans Saints select Dri Archer, RB, Kent St.


Requiem 04-03-2014 07:42 AM

Cleveland Browns, pick 127 -- Yawin Smallwood, ILB -- UConn.

Needed to daft doodle a draftee to play next to Dansby.

Eagles and Florida Bronco are up. Pick made 8:42 AM CST.

Florida_Bronco 04-03-2014 11:36 AM

Eagles select Jon Halapio, G, Florida.

Pick made at 1:35pm EST

Shananahan 04-03-2014 03:54 PM

Blah blah blah I'm late and terrible. My apologies.

The New York Giants select: Charles Sims, RB, West Virgina.

Writeup later.

OBF1 04-03-2014 04:11 PM

With their final pick in the draft, Miami goes back to the OL well and selects

Chris Watt, OG Notre Dame 6'3" 310lbs.

Mediator12 04-03-2014 11:22 PM

With the 131st pick in the OM NFL Draft, the DEN Broncos select:

Max Bullough ILB 6034 249 Michigan State

Bullough ran the 40 in 4.76 and 4.70 seconds. He had a short shuttle time of 4.29 seconds and a three-cone time of 7.08 seconds. Bullough looked good in the drills, displaying a lot more athleticism and flexibility than his frame would suggest. To be 6'3 and 248 pounds and run that three-cone time is impressive.


Terrific football intelligence. Keys and diagnoses quickly, understands run fits and spills willingly. Physical -- good take-on/tackle strength between the tackles. Pursues hard. Good tackler when he's able to square up ball carriers. Two-year captain with outstanding football character. Leads vocally and by example. Football is in his blood and approaches the game accordingly.

schaaf 04-04-2014 03:57 AM

Seattle Seahawks select....

Aaron Lynch DE/OLB USF

JCMElway 04-04-2014 07:01 AM

1 Attachment(s)
A little pass rush help for the Motor City Kitties....

The Detroit Lions select:

James Gayle, DE, Virginia Tech

STRENGTHS: Gayle lacks imposing size, but is strongly-built throughout his frame with the natural burst and quickness to explode off the edge with flexibility and raw power. He is balanced enough to dip under the reach of pass blockers and has functional flexibility, allowing him to turn the corner and close.

He has experience rushing out of the three-point and two-point stance, showing burst to cross the face of tackles from either role. Gayle locates the ball quickly and shows good effort laterally and downfield in pursuit. Has some experience dropping back into coverage, showing reasonable awareness and the ability to drive on the ball.

Excellent height-weight-speed ratio. Looks the part and has weight-room strength. Explosive athlete with rare leaping ability for his size. Good balance and edge burst and enough flexibility to turn the corner. Dogged in pursuit and ranges all over the field to make tackles. Fllattens and crashes down the line. Strong wrap tackler. Durable three-year starter. Has NFL bloodlines (uncle, Shaun, was a Pro Bowl safety for the Bears).

Average eyes and instincts. Questionable football intelligence. Short on bulk and anchor strength to play with his hand in the dirt -- soft edge setter. Not equipped to shadow in man coverage and is unnatural playing in reverse. Limited scheme versatility. Could require short leash and extra reps.

Draft Projection
Rounds 4-5

Bottom Line
Explosive, high-motor see-and-go reactor whose calling card is his ability to pressure the edge.

rugbythug 04-04-2014 07:28 AM

The Raiders Select
Anthony Johnson
Position: Defensive Tackle
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 308 lbs.

Anthony Johnson*, DT, LSU

40 Time: 5.24.

Projected Round (2014): 2-3.
3/22/14: Johnson totaled 35 tackles with nine tackles for a loss, three sacks and an interception in 2013. He wasn't as good as expected for most of the season. Johnson had a pressure and only two tackles against Alabama. He played better late in the year, but Johnson never produced up to his potential in college. At the Combine, he did well in the field drills. Sources have told that Johnson received a second-round grade.

bpc 04-04-2014 08:49 PM

With their 4th round pick, Carolina selects WR/KR/PR - Bruce Ellington from the University of South Carolina.


STRENGTHS: Short but possesses a stout, athletic frame with broad shoulders and a thick lower half. Excellent quickness at the snap to avoid press coverage. Possesses the burst to put defenders on their heels, as well as very good lateral agility and a hesitation move that leaves corners guessing.
Good fluidity and balance as a route-runner. Best attribute is his body control and hand-eye coordination when the ball is in the air. Shows the ability to contort his body to adjust and possesses very natural hands and a surprisingly wide catch radius to extend and pluck. Can track over either shoulder, as well as turn back and time his leap well to out-jump taller, bigger defenders. Good vision, elusiveness and acceleration with the ball in his hands. Talented returner who shows no hesitancy in attacking holes.

Starting point guard for the Gamecocks over his first two seasons, averaging 11.4 points per game over his career. Cousin, Andre Ellington, impressed as a rookie running back in 2013 as a member of the Arizona Cardinals.

WEAKNESSES: Short. Wasn't asked to run a full route-tree with the Gamecocks and as such is a bit of a project in this regard. Relies on his burst and athleticism to get open and will freelance to do so, leaving his quarterback in the difficult position of having to predict when he'll make his breaks.

Extends his arms but doesn't block with passion despite his stout frame. Gets to top speed quickly but does not possess a second gear to break away. Basketball was clearly a priority for Ellington while at South Carolina and scouts will want to investigate how much he is committed to improving in football.

COMPARES TO: Randall Cobb, Green Bay Packers - Ellington has a long way to go as a route-runner before he'll be confused with Cobb, one of the NFL's most dangerous receivers, but the short, thick frame, raw athleticism and versatility are there. Perhaps even better, each has shown a history of making the game-changing play.

--Rob Rang (1/8/14)

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

DBroncos4life 04-04-2014 09:09 PM

The Detroit Lions select

Tre Boston Safety UNC

Rangy player that can make up a lot of ground quickly. Physically, he has the ability to play as a single high safety in Cover 1 or Cover 3 defenses.
Statistics reaffirm the film in that he had very impressive passes defensed totals over his career.
Very good speed when covering long distances. His speed allows him to cover receivers and running backs if the defense is blitzing.
Standout short area burst helps him gain ground on nearby targets.
Accelerates quickly to run with receivers. This allows him to make a late break toward the receiver and still remain in good position to defense the pass.
Quick feet and average hip fluidity, he’s built more like a cornerback than a safety.
Good ball skills after he locates the ball in air. He tracks the ball effectively and fights to take the ball from the offensive player.
An effective tackler in space, using good fundamentals and controlled aggressiveness.
Finished tackles at an 85 percent rate for the entire 2013 season, which is at the top of the safety class.
Good at recognizing plays, which allows him to take his first step in the proper direction.
Has the ability to play man coverage at times. His physical abilities help his versatility.
He’s been durable for the last three seasons, only missing one game in 2011

Pick made 10:10 CST

Conklin 04-04-2014 09:50 PM

With the 137th Pick, the New York Jets are proud to welcome
Adrian Hubbard, OLB Alabama

  • Tall build with uncommon length.
  • Quicker off the ball from a three- or four-point stance.
  • Flashes ability to hit a second gear as a rusher to threaten the edge.
  • Disruptive as a stunting rusher, handful with a head of steam.
  • Can deliver a strong punch and press the pocket with power rushes on occasion.
  • Long arms to make plays on the ball in coverage when he gets into passing lanes.
  • Utilizes height advantage to locate the ball quickly and holds gaps accordingly.
  • Can plant foot and drive into inside gaps to great effect.
  • Active with his hands, utilizes length by extending arms to control blockers.
  • Strong upper body to negate drive blocks and stack effectively at the line of scrimmage.
  • Skilled at setting a hard edge by keeping outside shoulder free and pinching down from outside.
  • Faster than expected in open-field pursuit.
  • Technically sound tackler who wraps up backs consistently.
  • Played faster and far more effective in a simpler role as a sophomore.

Pick made at 9:50 MNT Time. BMORE is now on the clock

BMORE 04-04-2014 09:54 PM

Baltimore Ravens select:

Trai Turner G LSU

Arkie 04-04-2014 10:55 PM

The Atlanta Falcons select:

Loucheiz Purifoy, CB, Florida

eddie mac 04-05-2014 04:01 AM

With the 140th pick in the 2014 Orangemane Mock Draft:

The New England Patriots select:

Christian Kirksey, OLB, Iowa

Kirksey is a speedy linebacker that not only has the potential to develop into a three down linebacker, but has the skill-set to be an impact special teams player immediately in the NFL. Kirksey can provide depth at all three LB positions. He’s got great speed and the athleticism to match up in coverage with receivers, tight ends, and running backs. His intangibles are through the roof and the Patriots immediately become more deeper, more versatile, and much more athletic at the Linebacker position.

Kirksey becomes the Patriots 2nd Hawkeye's selection in a row and joins his former team-mate CJF on the roster.

Selection was made at 6-02am (ET) -- Carolina and BPC are officially "On The Clock."

bpc 04-05-2014 06:25 AM

With the 1st pick in the 5thround, The Carolina Panthers select HB, Doak Walker winner, freight train, Andre Williams from Boston College.

STRENGTHS: Williams is thickly-built with terrific balance to pick up yards after contact, lowering his pads and driving forward for every yard he can gain. Shows good build up speed and enough quickness to pick his way through the crowd.

WEAKNESSES: A bit of a slow starter and needs a few steps to get going. Williams needs to improve his reliability in pass protection and is unproven as a pass-catcher (zero receptions in 2013), but his production and grind-it-out determination is impressive.

--Dane Brugler

Side note : Andre Williams measured in at one of the heavier weights at HB, 6'1", 230lbs, yet tested top 5 in most combine drills. Especially impressive was his 38" vertical jump and his 10'11" broad jump. These show off explosiveness which is confirmed when you want him film and see him run through tackle after tackle.

Earl Campbell gave him the nickname "Little Earl" at the Heisman awards ceremony due to his battering ram running style. Others have said he could be a poor man's version of Adrian Peterson on the next level. Williams has very good feet and vision moving behind his blockers, exhibits an upright running style but knows when to get underneath his pads and explode through ball carriers. His stiff arm is easily the best coming out this year at the HB position often putting defenders on their back. AW also has the longest arms measured at the combine by HB players. Like Adrian Peterson coming out of school, Andre is not known for catching the ball. AP had 10 catches his final year at OU, Andre had 0! The difference is Williams ran for over 2000 yards and 20 TD's and when you are doing that, you don't really need to throw to the HB as the defense is loading 8 in the box and opening up pass plays down field. I believe Williams has good enough hands to catch 15-20 balls a season at the next level.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Pick was made at 5:25am pst

phibacka31 04-05-2014 09:10 AM

With the 142nd pick in the 2014 NFL Mock Draft the San Francisco 49ers proudly select: Russell Bodine OC/OG North Carolina

I am very pleased to grab Bodine after not getting Martin (Thanks JCM and DB4L). I wanted to grab a guy that I felt could come in and create competition at the interior positions for the 49ers. Bodine is a strong bull in the middle and I believe fits well with the power run game. :thumbsup:

2010: Fork Union Military Academy 2011: Appeared in nine games with two starts at OC.2012: Started all 12 games at OC. 2013: Started all 12 games at both OC and OG. Strong combination of overall measureables and estimated top-end speed for the position. Durability does not appear to be an issue as he has suffered no significant injuries throughout his career that we are aware of. Pronounced: "BO-dine". Smart and learns well. Strong work ethic. No red flags. Comes from a supportive home. Son of Gail and Brian Bodine. Majoring in communication studies.

MY FAVORITE PART: Tough and flashes a nasty side. Constantly mixing it up. Looks to finish and clean up piles at the end of plays. Must learn to harness aggression and decipher between finishing and unnecessary actions.

Pick was made at 10:07 am Central Time Zone (Sorry on not getting it in a bit earlier...I got slammed last night) Tampa Bay and Traveler is now on the clock!

Traveler 04-05-2014 10:36 AM

With the 143 pick in the OM Mock Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select:

Preston Brown, ILB, Louisville, 6'-1", 251 lbs.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


2013: Second-team All-AAC. Led team with 98 tackles. Returned fumble 48 yards for TD vs. Memphis. 2012: Second-team All-Big East. Started all 13 games. Six double-digit tackle performances. Had 17 tackles vs. USF. 13 tackles, INT vs. Cincinnati. 13 tackles in Sugar Bowl win over Florida. 2011: Played in 13 games, started 11. Had 12 tackles vs. Murray State. 2010: Appeared in all 13 games at linebacker and on special teams. High School: First team All-District in Ohio.


Outstanding size. Physical tackler. Steps downhilll and attacks the run with the proper shoulder. Good eyes and instincts. Delivers some pop on contact and strikes with force. Experienced three-year starter. Good football intelligence -- makes the calls and lines up a defense.

Shows some tightness in his movement. Struggles to carry backs and match up with athletic tight ends in man coverage. Limited depth in coverage drops -- is best in small areas. Average coverage instincts. Requires some motivation.

Draft Projection Rounds 3-4

Bottom Line

Aggressive, high-collision 'Mike' linebacker best paired with a demanding position coach who will extract the most from him. -Nolan Nawrocki

Pick made at 12:35 pm EST

JCMElway 04-05-2014 02:56 PM

Coloradobuff and the Jags select:

Brandon Coleman, WR, Rutgers

Writeup to follow.

San Fran is OTC

Mat'hir Uth Gan 04-05-2014 04:55 PM



"Some see me as a 4-3 outside linebacker, (or) 3-4 outside.
If I gained weight, I think I could play defensive end.
My last game of the season, I played inside linebacker.
I think it's just going to come down to, if a team likes me,
they're going to find whatever position they want me to play at".

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


"The question came up at the NFL combine about the age. I always told them my age is 26, but I didn't play football for three years, so my body's only 23. I think some of them saw that as an advantage mentally. I'm married, I've got two kids and I don't drink. I'm not saying I'm better than other guys – I'm just saying I've got other things going on. For fun, I like to go play golf, go to movies. I don't go into the clubs and go into bars. It's just not high on my list. It's not even on my list. If teams have issues with guys that are into that stuff, that's one thing they don't have to worry about with me."


"I tore my ACL in April before my junior season. It was a full tear, but it was either get surgery and not play or just play on it, so I said, 'What the heck?' and played. I didn't practice a whole lot, especially later on in the season. I had a knee brace, so I was able to at least move around a little bit. I lost a step from the previous year. After that, I had surgery, and I was back in eight or nine months for my senior year. There was no major problems — I just had some scar tissue buildup and my meniscus needed to be cleaned up, but it didn't hurt during the season that much.

After this past season, it was a little sore and they decided to go in with a scope and clean it up and it feels great."

"They say the difference between my right knee and my left knee is about one millimeter, which is pretty good, as good as it's going to be," he said at the Combine. "The ACL (torn in 2012) looks good, the meniscus is still there. I never missed a game for it."



"Reilly’s athleticism and length make him a uniquely skilled player for playing coverage. He really drops into coverage well and looks extremely natural and fluid. In many ways, Reilly looks like a basketball player playing defense with how comfortable he is moving around the field. He is able to either drop straight back with an effective backpedal or he can turn and slide while keeping his head in the backfield on the quarterback. When he slides, he is able to keep his head on a swivel and keep an eye on potential receiving threats while seeing the quarterback. He does a nice job in zone but can run and stay with opponents in man to man coverage. His size and athleticism make him somewhat of a unique player in what he could potentially do in matching up against giant tight ends in the NFL".

Pass Rushing

When rushing the quarterback out of a three point stance, Reilly shows good burst, as well as the flexibility to dip under the reach of the left tackle and turn the corner. He is very light on his feet, showing good body control to dip back inside on a counter move. Reilly's balance and flexibility were put to the test in this game but he showed the ability to handle cut blocks as well as keep his feet when pursuing down the line.

Run Defense

"Very solidly built frame. Good functional playing strength to beat blocks and defend the run. Locates the ball quickly and is around it a lot. Crashes the line hard and plays with energy. Flashes shock in his punch. Fine arm-under move to come underneath blockers and work the edges. Can control and disrupt tight ends. Takes good angles. Solid tackler. Ultra-tough, mentally and physically (played through ACL injury as a junior). Extremely competitive. Very good football intelligence -- can line up a defense. Versatile -- has played every LB position and can interchange with ease. Team Captain. Respected tone-setter. Outstanding work ethic. Identifies with the game. "


2010: 18 Tackles, 6 Stuffs, 2 Sacks, 1 Pass Defended, 1 Blocked Kick
2011: 47 Tackles, 8 Stuffs, 5 Sacks, 2 Passes Defended, 2 Forced Fumbles.
2012: 69 Tackles, 7 Stuffs, 5 Sacks, 1 Interception, 4 Passes Defended, 3 Forced Fumbles.
2013: 100 Tackles, 17 Stuffs, 9 Sacks, 1 Interception, 2 Passes Defended, 1 Forced Fumble.


Size: 6'4, 245
40 Yard Dash: 4.66
Vertical: 30.5
Broad: 9'9
Reps: 26


This was a pure luxury selection of taking the best available player on our board that we thought was a massive steal. The Bengals had him ranked #69 Overall as a high 3rd round value. We are very pleased to get a player of this value in the 5th Round. He's a versatile player and we'll probably put him at SAM LB and simply cut Rey Maualuga because he sucks. A LB grouping of Shazier, Burfict, and Reilly could potentially be the best in the NFL. Reilly gives us a lot of flexibility with blitzing off the edge or even moving down to DE at times on passing downs. Vincent Rey continues to be fine depth.

schaaf 04-05-2014 05:08 PM

With the 146th pick in the 2014 Orangemane Mock Draft

The Seattle Seahawks select......

Morgan Breslin, OLB USC

JCMElway 04-05-2014 07:41 PM

Via PM Atlanta selects:

Jordan Zumwalt, LB, UCLA

jebures 04-05-2014 07:48 PM

With their 5th round pick the Vikings Select...
1 Attachment(s)
Dontae Johnson, CB, North Carolina St.

6'2 1/8 198# 4.45 40 yard dash....38.5" vert, 10'4" broad...

Explosive athlete that can play CB or FS....I see him more at CB. Pair him with Xavier Rhodes and you have 2 6'2 + corners.

Conklin 04-05-2014 10:05 PM

The New York Jets select Jerick McKinnon, RB, Georgia Southern.

Write up coming later, I'm driving down the freeway.


Key Combine Stats:

4.41 - 40 Yard Dash 2nd fastest RB
32 - Reps on the bench, 1st among RB's and 8 more than 2nd place
40.5in - Vertical, second best RB
11' - Broad Jump, second best RB
6.83 - 3 cone, 3rd best RB
4.12 - 20 yard shuttle, 4th best RB

Jerick played option QB in college so this is a position change for him in the pros, but he has the physical attributes to be a great RB and hopefully with his QB background, he should be able to pick up an offense quickly.

McKinnon was used in a variety of roles at GSU, starring at quarterback, slotback, fullback, defensive back and kick returner over his career. Used primarily as an option quarterback for the Eagles, he rushed for 3,899 yards and 42 touchdowns over his collegiate career and fared well against FBS competition, including running for 109 yards and two touchdowns against Georgia in 2012 and another 125 yards and the game-winning touchdown as a slotback to shock Florida last year.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Pick made at 10:05 PM MNT Time. Coloradobuff is now on the clock

ColoradoBuff 04-06-2014 08:57 AM

Jacksonville Jaguars select:

Brock Vereen, S, Minnesota


Played in every game his final 3 seasons, starting 32. Played both safety and CB during career, playing both as senior in 2013. 2013: First-team All-Big Ten. Started all 13 games. Switched from safety to CB during the season. Had 56 tackles, 1 INT. 2012: Played all 13 games, starting 7 at safety. Had 64 tackles and 2 INTs. 2011: Started all 12 games at CB. Had 67 tackles, 3.5 TFL, 1 INT. 2010: Played 9 games, starting 4. Had 10 tackles. High School: No. 66 CB in the nation (Rivals). Three-star recruit out of Southern California. Misc: Brother, Shane, plays for the New England Patriots and father, Henry, was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


STRENGTHS Very good athlete with fluid movement skills and good range. Competes hard. Runs the alley and can negotiate traffic. Good zone awareness and route recognition. Understands angles and leverage. Can carry receivers in man coverage with little wasted movement in transition on speed turns. Good leaping ability. Very smart, motivated, team player with a passion for the game. Can line up the defense. Outstanding work ethic. Contributes as a gunner on special teams. Has NFL pedigree.
WEAKNESSES Has tiny hands, short arms and lacks overall bulk. Does not have ideal length to match up with NFL tight ends in coverage. Not an explosive hitter or forceful tackler. Hands are suspect -- smothers the ball and has just four career interceptions. Long-term durability could be a concern.


BOTTOM LINE A very smart, pedigreed, rangy free safety with the athletic ability and cover skill desired on the back end. Lack of size and tackling strength could leave much to be desired when defending the run. Top-notch intangibles -- toughness, instincts, competitiveness and leadership ability -- should allow him to quickly emerge as a defensive leader and enhance his draft status.

pick made @ 8:57 mtn time
SF 49ers are OTC.

MrPeepers 04-06-2014 11:42 AM

Tennessee Titans
5th Round Pick

Crockett Gillmore

Tight End

Height: 6' 6", Weight: 255 lbs
Colorado State

Strengths: Gillmore caught 47 passes for 533 yards and two touchdowns for the Rams in 2013. He's a good route runner and a big target. He has good hands and blocks well. He likes to knock defenders down.
Weaknesses: Gillmore has only average speed. He struggles to get separation from defenders. He is not the best athlete on the field. That limits his use in the passing game.
Bottom Line: Crockett Gillmore could work out well for a team that already has a great receiving squad. He won't be a huge offensive weapon. But in the red zone, he'll be a big target with reliable hands!

Mat'hir Uth Gan 04-06-2014 12:20 PM

With the 152nd Selection in the NFL Draft, Phibacka31 and the San Francisco 49ers SELECT CB Aaron Colvin, Oklahoma.

Write up potentially coming later.

The Arizona Cardinals and Ludo21 are now on the clock!

ludo21 04-06-2014 04:09 PM

153rd pick AZ Cardinals Select:

Charles Leno, G Boise State

He started at right tackle as a sophomore before taking over for Nate Potter at left tackle where he started every game as a junior and senior. He is looking to follow Ryan Clady, Daryn Colledge and Potter as the next Boise State left tackle to kickstart a NFL career. Leno has good athleticism, balance and mobility to move and mirror, but lacks ideal lower body power and base to dig his cleats in the ground and the limb strength to control blocks. He isn?t the most physical, but he has the traits to survive at the NFL level and projects as a down-the-road pro starter.

24champ 04-06-2014 04:28 PM

With the 154th pick in the draft, the Houston Texans select...

Colton Lyerla TE from Oregon.

Has a ton of red flags but arguably the most gifted and talented TE in the draft. Texans believe it has enough support to help Lyerla be successful.

eddie mac 04-06-2014 05:20 PM

With the 155th pick in the 2014 Orangemane Mock Draft:

The New England Patriots select:

Tom Savage, QB, Pittsburgh

The Pats take the ultimate flier on the under the radar QB that seems to be on every draftnik's lips at present.

The most likely reasons Savage has started to turn heads are his impressive size and arm strength. At 6'4" and 228 pounds, he fits the mold of most NFL quarterbacks, and he arguably has one of the strongest arms in this year's class.

However, Savage needs to work on reading opposing defenses and being more aware in the pocket. He will tend to hold on to the ball too long and can struggle going through his progressions. But these are things that can be addressed with the right coaching staff, which makes Savage an intriguing prospect.

Tom Brady has likely 2-3 seasons left max in his career and with Ryan Mallett most likely on the trade block during this draft or gone after 2014, Josh McWhorebag needs a new toy to play with and the Pats think he is pretty good value here given the intrigue cos in reality no-one knows how good this kid could be given that Offensive Line he played behind last year.

Selection was made at 7-20pm (ET) -- Chicago(SoDak Bronco) are officially "On The Clock."

SoDak Bronco 04-06-2014 08:28 PM

156th pick in the OM draft, the Chicago Bears select LB- Lamin Barrow- LSU

BowlenBall 04-06-2014 08:45 PM

With the 157th pick in the 2014 Orange Mane Mock Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers are relieved that this guy is still on the board:

Brent Urban, DE, Virginia

Height: 6' 07"
Weight: 295 lbs.
Arm: 34.25"
Hand: 9.75"
40-yard dash: ? (injured, did not perform at combine)
225 lb. bench: ? (injured, did not perform at combine)
Vertical jump: ? (injured, did not perform at combine)
Broad jump: ? (injured, did not perform at combine)
3-cone drill: ? (injured, did not perform at combine)
Short shuttle: ? (injured, did not perform at combine)

Career Statistics
<script type="text/javascript" src=" t-urban-1.html&div=div_defense"></script>

Analysis/Breakdown (from

STRENGTHS: Looks the part -- has stature on the defensive line thanks to a long, well-proportioned physique with relatively little body fat. Has ideal dimensions for an odd front and has a large wingspan that enables him to disrupt passing lanes (nine PBUs in eight games as a senior). Engages quickly off the snap, jolts blockers and gains extension. Can stack and shed or press single blocking and generate push. Flashes disruptive ability. Can slide inside as a nickel rusher to cave the pocket.

WEAKNESSES: Limited lower-body strength to anchor vs. double teams. Shows some stiffness through his shoulders and torso. Still developing recognition and instincts. Still learning blocking schemes and how to fight pressure. Needs to improve hand use (quickness and violence). Has to concentrate on keeping his pad level low -- gets uprooted and washed when he plays too tall. Linear, vanilla pass rusher (recorded just three career sacks). Relatively inexperienced. Grew up in a Canadian hockey town and has a mellow disposition that might not sit well with some people.

BOTTOM LINE: Tall, angular, late-blooming five-technique prospect with the body type sought by teams employing odd fronts. Should only get bigger, stronger and more polished. If so, has potential to grow into an impact lineman. Broken foot bone suffered in freak accident prior to Senior Bowl could hinder his draft status.

Rationale for the pick from BowlenBall:
As with our Tuitt pick in the first round, the Steelers have a very specific type of defensive end (5-technique) that they use in their defense, with a premium on length and strength to hold the edge and free up the linebackers to make tackles. I had Tuitt as the #1 5-technique on my board, and Urban as #2, so I'm delighted to land both of them in the same draft.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Pick made at:

6:45 a.m. Abu Dhabi
10:45 p.m. New York
9:45 p.m. Chicago
8:45 p.m. Denver
7:45 p.m. Los Angeles
6:45 p.m. Anchorage

The Dallas Cowboys and Nickstixx are now on the clock.

ColoradoBuff 04-07-2014 08:50 AM

With the 159th pick, THE Jacksonville Jaguars select:

Travis Carrie, CB, Ohio



2013: First-team All-MAC (PR). Third-team All-MAC (DB). 2 INTs returned for TD vs. UMass. Played 13 games, starting 11. Had 4 INTs. 2012: Medical redshirt after undergoing shoulder surgery in offseason. 2011: Second-team All-MAC. Played 14 games, starting 12. 2010: Started 12 games. Season-high 8 tackles at Ohio State. 2009: Redshirted. 2008: Played in 11 games, started at Northwestern. High School: Won California state championship. First-team all-conference.

<ARTICLE> Strengths

Outstanding size -- looks the part of an NFL defensive back with a sculpted physique. Equipped to jam. Has speed to carry receivers vertically. Good zone awareness and ball reactions. Good hands to intercept. Sets the edge in run support. Smart and instinctive. Confident and competitive. Was a productive punt returner and has worked as a gunner. </ARTICLE><ARTICLE>

Tweener traits. Pedals tight. Shows some stiffness in his pedal and transition. Footwork needs to be coached up. Does not explode out of transition or display burst to recover. Average pop on contact. Will be a 24-year-old rookie -- missed two full seasons because of hip and shoulder injuries. </ARTICLE><ARTICLE>
Draft Projection

Rounds 3-4 </ARTICLE><ARTICLE>
Bottom Line

Smoother-than-explosive, height-weight-speed prospect who will draw the attention of Cover-2 teams given his physicality, ball skills and tackling. Special-teams ability adds to value.


Travis Carrie has all of the physical tools that coaches will want to mold. His mental processing and technique are lacking, but through time and hard work, he can improve them. If he can become more consistent and clean up his game, he has starter potential in the NFL.

pick made @ 8:49am mtn time

Nickstixx 04-07-2014 09:15 AM

With 158th pick the Dallas Cowboys select:

Cassius Marsh, DE, UCLA.

thumpc 04-07-2014 12:06 PM

The New Orleans Saints select Mike Davis, WR, Texas with 160th pick.

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