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09-04-2011, 01:57 PM
If he learns to play the postion, he'll be a qb.

There are a zillion threads because of people like you, baja.

09-04-2011, 02:01 PM
If he learns to play the postion, he'll be a qb.

There are a zillion threads because of people like you, baja.

it's rare when i jaw about tebow.

he's not ready - he can be great

thats my take

been that way for a long tme

09-05-2011, 03:05 PM
I believe that if the goal is to win a championship, the best thing this team can do is trade Orton before the trade deadline. Further, I think that not moving him is a huge step backwards (over the long term route to the trophy).

I like Orton, and if the goal is to just get to 8-8 this season, then sure, keep him around. But if we're looking at the long term, he needs to be moved.

1. We're not going to get anything for Brady Quinn. He showed once again vs. Arizona in a game with relatively little pressure that he is not up to being a starting level pro quarterback. He's a backup at best - which is not a bad asset for us to have - a "no threat" asset who can plug a hole if you need him to and allow your starter to feel like he's not got anyone breathing down his neck.

2. Orton isn't coming back next year without a serious offer. Denver fans treat the guy like garbage. The fans want Tebow. Orton is the better pure quarterback on this team by a long shot, and probably gives us the best chance to win the most amount of games this year (I say "probably" because Tebow has the X factor), but winning games with Orton this year does us no good when he walks to any number of AFC teams that are looking for quarterbacks next season.

3. We should not chance losing Adam Weber. We need all the young quarterbacks we can get right now, and next season we're looking at losing both Orton and Quinn to free agency.

The Denver Broncos should:

1) Move Orton as quickly as possible while his value is at its absolute peak (he's got nowhere to go but down from this point each and every week - this team is not deep and it's going to hurt Kyle's value as the season progresses).

2) Keep Brady Quinn as a backup. I hate it, you hate it, but he's got no trade value, and cutting him at this point is a huge waste.

3) Start Tebow and let him sink or swim. With a full season, we'll know whether or not we should be drafting a QB next year in the first round or the third round.

4) Keep Adam Weber on the active Roster as #3 and keep him involved.

5) Draft a QB in the first or the third round of next year depending on how Tebow does. Either way, with Brady on his way out, we'll need someone.

I want to make it clear that this take is not an indictment on Orton. I like the guy. He's a solid guy. But he's not coming back to Denver. You can see it in his interviews. He hates it here. He isn't appreciated. He's got Tebow hovering over his shoulder. I'm pretty sure that Elway isn't going to want to give him a big enough contract to make him want to stick around - and even if he did the fans would hold it against him. I think we all know that the guy is going to be booed in Denver before September is through, and Tebow's name is going to be chanted. It's not fair, but that's life.

Imagine we keep Orton, and cut Quinn... And let's say we go 8-8 with the guy - hell let's say we go 10-6. And then we lose Orton to Free Agency. How are we any better off than if we were to move Orton now?

I think one thing that is being lost in all of this trade Orton now or loose him to FA next year without any compensation talk is that if Orton does have a decent year, and signs a good contract with another team, then we could get up to a 3rd round compensation pick for him. Which is likely more than another team would give us right now.

The other reasons that we don't trade him now include Tebow needing more time to develop, showing the veterans that winning now is important (we are not tanking the season), and Orton's new contract demands scare teams away. All of which have been discussed at length. Also, if we can get out of the basement, and appear to be a team on the rise, then it will be easier to keep players and attract free agents that care about more than a big payday. They all care mostly about the payday, but some care about winning too.

If another team offered a 2nd or 3rd right now I would happily take it, but not trading Orton doesn't mean we will get nothing in return for him.

09-05-2011, 03:16 PM
I think it's a better statement to say that Peyton is unique at what he does at the positionm and that Tebow can also be unique in what he does at the position.

Tebow is very unique....

He garners more media attention than any other back-up QB has in over a decade.

09-06-2011, 12:01 PM
Great idea, TJ. Trade Orton for picks, let Tebow play out the season, and that puts us in perfect position to get Luck next year, PLUS have some extra picks to use on DTs. :thumbs: