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Bronco Yoda
03-03-2011, 03:59 AM
Colleges rarely check criminal records. But CBS News and Sports Illustrated did. CBS News chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian reports on the findings.

What we found was striking: on those Top 25 teams, more than 200 players were either arrested or cited by the police a total of 277 times.

Overall, 7 percent of players - 1 out of every 14 - in our single-season sample had a record.

In fact, nearly 40 percent of what we found were serious crimes. Fifty-six were arrested for so-called violent crimes - including 25 for assault and battery, robbery, domestic violence and sex crimes. Forty-one were arrested or cited for property crimes. The more than 100 drug and alcohol-related offenses, included 27 DUI's.

In those cases where we know the outcome - we found that nearly 60 percent of the time, the athlete was either guilty or paid some penalty as a result of his run-in with the law.

According to our data the University of Pittsburgh had the most players with police records (22) which the school said in statement, was "unacceptable." The school was followed by Iowa (18), Arkansas (18), Boise State (16) and Penn state (16).

Among the major conferences, the Big Ten led our list with 50 players. The ACC was next with 39. Then came the SEC (33), Big East (27), PAC-10 (19) and Big 12 (16).

"We found that in many cases, even the coaches don't know the full extents of a player's criminal history," said Sports Illustrated story co-author Jeff Benedict.

At the annual football coach's convention, we asked several top college coaches how deep they dig into the background of the players they recruit. Most answered along the same lines as Jim Tressel, head coach of Big 10 power Ohio State.

"We really don't go into anything outside the school system," Tressel said. "And hopefully through the school system, we can find out what we need."

The Top 25 The number of players on each team in the study who were found to have police records
School Players charged SI preseason rank

1. Pittsburgh 22
2. Iowa 18
2. Arkansas 18
4. Boise State 16
4. Penn State 16
6. Virginia Tech 13
7. Wisconsin 9
7. Oklahoma 9
7. Florida State 9
10. Miami 8
11. Ohio State 7
11. Florida 7
11. Oregon 7
11. USC 7
15. Alabama 5
15. North Carolina 5
15. Cincinnati 5
15. Utah 5
19. Nebraska 4
19. Georgia Tech 4
19. Oregon State 4
22. LSU 3
23. Texas 2
24. Stanford 1
25. TCU 0

For complete article and video : http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/03/02/eveningnews/main20038475.shtml