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02-25-2011, 04:47 PM
Interviewed about 8-10 guys last night, had each for about 15 minutes – thought it’d be too short but it was just about right. During interviews, he can sit in the back – questions are already lined up.

Everything is new for him, but been going so hot and heavy the last month and a half. Never came as a player, first time at the combine, pretty much what he heard it to be. Didn’t come when he was playing because there were multiple combines and it wasn’t as big as now.

Looking forward to seeing workouts, a lot of information gained from combine to see people up front. Nice to see everyone in the NFL community, people haven’t seen in a while.

Looks at players as if he were playing against them – uses his prospective as a QB to judge them. He’s learned since retirement the game seems easier to follow from the stands than on the field with 300 lb. lineman breathing down his neck. Using his prospective from the pocket, helps him to visualize what players are and are not thinking about with reads/progressions/systems/etc. That’s the prospective he’ll be looking at. Will use this with DBs, to look for things he liked and didn’t like when prepping for opponents. When looking at film last month and a half asks himself: “would the guy worry me?” If a DB couldn’t catch, he never scared John as a player.

To Broncos, never doubted Champ’s contract wouldn’t get done, with the new staff coming on and developing the plan – couldn’t get it done before then. Once that happened, it moved quickly. Said it took about an hour (laughing) of watching Champ film to evaluate his value.

In talking about Newton and spread QBs adapting, hard part is coaches can’t call audibles from sideline in NFL. If John was a college coach he’d run a system like that to take advantage of their athletic ability but it is a big adjustment in the NFL.

Roethlisberger and Vick are different, elusive QBs because Ben does a lot of his work within the pocket. Brady does the same thing in terms of moving in the pocket. QBs need to feel the rush and move in the pocket, it helps more if he can then get out of the pocket and give another chance to move the ball.

Everyone has their own way of evaluating players and drawing their own impressions. No template in place, although scouts write up players in a certain manner. Broncos have tried to get all the personnel people involved in the process. Closer to the draft, will rank them based on how they fit with our team.

Broncos D-Line, going to 4-man front need some people there because of the change, have two free agents now. Bannan and Williams are under contract, we have to look there and rank that process and what money is going to go where. Always emphasis on defense because a lot has to be done there.

Peterson is a great athlete as a DB and returner and can do a lot of different things. Athletically, he’s as good as anyone in the draft. Good size and can make big plays, at that position you like those game changing plays.

Going as a planned, business is usual with CBA talks going on.

Hopes more former players get a shot to work in front office, although doesn’t feel like they’ve been shut out in the past. Have to be right place and right time, with qualifications. If he hadn’t gotten the Arena League experience, he wouldn’t be here. So far, he’s learned the Arena League experience has been invaluable. Biggest lesson was the process, even if a smaller magnitude- pretty much same processes with agents and getting guys signed, evaluating players, etc.

This draft is very critical, Broncos know they can’t miss in the draft –especially with the picks we have. The guys we go with have to be able to play early. Discussions on draft good and bad in past, but got some good players from last year’s draft.

Relationship with Fox and Xanders has been great. More he gets to know them, the better it works. All on the same page of the direction – thought a lot alike. Fox’s background and ability to work with people as a player’s coach has been good to work with. Has gone very smooth so far.

We wanted Champ back, just had to get the numbers right but what he’d heard about Fox helped as well. Champ wanted to stay in Denver so the numbers were all aligned but he wanted to come in and talk with Fox. Joked with Fox that if Champ doesn’t want to stay he (Fox) would be gone (again joking). Thrilled to have Champ back.

Last time he spent with his dad was evaluating the draft in 2001 before he passed away. Good for John to see if his evaluations were matching up with his dad. Uses example of Brees that his dad was a big fan of him back then. Would ask his dad what he’d see – in Brees’ case it was competitiveness. Was aligned with his dad on most guys. Talked with long-time Broncos scout Cornell Green last night who said John’s dad would love this right now.

Not so sure anything Newton will do at the combine tells more about his ability than the tape on film but good that teams get to be around him and get a feel for him.

Important to find out how important football is to each player, key to figure that out with each of these kids.

Has already talked with and met with Orton and told him right now he’s the starting QB – if we had to play tomorrow he’d be the guy and going to continue down that path. Have a lot of things ahead of us but not going to change until we go down the road and see what happens.

The style of the DL depends on what style Fox and Allen want. Doesn’t want to speak for them because Fox had bigger guys in Carolina while Allen had more athletic in New Orleans.

Have a lot of priorities, after combine and through pro days – leading to draft – will begin ranking guys. Team has several holes to fill, will depend on what’s available.


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The least you could do is put a little time into your reports Montrose...sarcasm intened here.

02-25-2011, 06:38 PM
Yeah I think people forget Elway's DNA is very scout/coach oriented via his father. He's been around it his entire life so how to go about evaluating a player isn't new to him as so many experts have painted it to be.

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Exciting interview, imo

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Mannnn just feels good to listen to him talk.

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“would the guy worry me?” If a DB couldn’t catch, he never scared John as a player.


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The Elway Cross.:D

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That was quite an interview. Apparently Elway is serious about the transparency thing.

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It was nice to see that cameraman learn how the zoom feature works.

backup qb
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THanks montrose! Can I rename both my sons John Elway?