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01-27-2011, 12:56 PM
I thought this was very well done, and that others might enjoy it, too:


An interesting excerpt:

"And that goodness leaves him with no bitter feelings of how his Broncos days ended, either. Owner Pat Bowlen was fond of college scouting director Ted Sundquist and wanted to fend off teams seeking him as a GM. Bowlen asked Dahlen if he could give Sundquist the GM job and make Dahlen the director of football operations at the same salary. He accepted and even got a long-term deal out of it. "I just kept working on my own, as it were," Dahlen said. "Watched a lot of tape and did contracts, things like that. Not quite the same as it was, but not much different either."

But in 2002, Bowlen approached him again, offering him a new role: Going on the road every week to scout college players, the way Packers GM Ron Wolf did. But at 62, the idea didn't appeal too much to Dahlen. "Who wants to go traveling around the country all fall? So I said, 'You know, I don't think I would like to do that.'"

Instead, Shanahan who didn't want to lose Dahlen but understood the dilemma offered Dahlen early retirement. He accepted and never looked back. "The golf course was waiting," he said."

Of course, we all know how that decision turned out.

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Extremely interesting story. Wonder what would have happened if they did let Sandquest walk instead.

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He has as many as the Ring Wraiths.

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He has as many as the Ring Wraiths.

You are a geek. ;D

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"Tony Razzano, his way of scouting to me was by far the best," Dahlen said. "You watch the player; don't talk to anybody else about him until after you put your grade on him. The only way you could change it is to watch more film."
The entire staff would do this separately and then average out everyone's draft grades to come up with a gross rating for every pro prospect. This consensus method of evaluation only got better over time, too.