View Full Version : Sunday Spectacular!

01-01-2011, 05:06 AM
Sunday will be the day!
The Chargers won't show up. They are already in pre-season mode for next year; and they always start the season 2-4!

Tim Tebow will throw for 300 yards in the first three quarters! The assembled masses will go crazy with visions of Superbowls in their heads!

Brady Quinn will enter the game in the fourth quarter. Bringing fans back to reality, he will throw five interceptions in one quarter! He will also throw for 400 yards!

At the end of the game fans will have a headache!

Because at the end of the game there will be far more questions than answers. And the fans will continue to thank Josh McDaniels for this new year's prize.

Meanwhile, in Washington, Shanahan will continue to confound that city.

Happy new year to all!