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11-26-2010, 07:40 AM
SMYT traded Aaron Rodgers, GB QB to Poledancers
SMYT traded Michael Crabtree, SF WR to Poledancers
DMPD traded Mark Sanchez, NYJ QB to TD's
DMPD traded Malcom Floyd, SD WR to TD's
DMPD traded Matt Ryan, Atl QB to TD's
DMPD traded Kenny Britt*, Ten WR to TD's

Poledancers propose this trade heading into the playoffs with a 5-6 record as the 6th seed.

SMYT accepts trade with a record of 2-9. SMYT has not completed a valid roster in 3 weeks, leaving in players that are out or on bye.

Poledancers owner is the commish and feels this is a fair trade. Thoughts?