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10-08-2010, 05:48 AM
I wrote this a while back, but couldn't post it... now I can and here are some of my thoughts.

I think we have the makings of a very good, very young team. Something has to give with the running game, and when it does, this offense is going to be legendary.

I'll chalk part of it up to experience - until this week, we've had two rookies starting (one starting out of position)... a first year starter at LG, and Clady, Kuper and now Harris - all of whom I don't think are at 100 percent yet. So I think experience and healing up will help. Daniels just looked all-around awful yesterday at LG, and I think Beadles should be in there anyway.

That said, I also think that it has to do with scheming. While, with the exception of the Colts, we've faced some of the better run defenses in the league, it seems the front four have held the gaps, and the linebackers have just shot through. This is to be expected in the power run scheme as opposed to the zone - the problem is we need a RB who can follow blocks, make the cut and hit the hole. CJ, while held to 50 yards, was doing this well even against us.

I really like Moreno, and I think he can be a feature back. If you don't think that he is at least serviceable, watch Maroney behind our line/scheme. Moreno has been getting hit behind the line, and I think his vision will improve with time. But he is a hard runner who always falls forward and has an excellent second effort. His hands and blocking ability are also a plus in this system, as are his ability to run the screen very well.

The red zone offense problems were problems with Shanny as well. I like the power system though, and again, once the running game gets going, the defenses will have to respect that and the numbers will improve.

The passing game is awesome. I challenge anyone to find a post where I've doubted Orton. He is a good QB, and in the system he can be great. Compared to last year, he is taking more chances, but he is more mobile than he gets credit for, and the problems he had with pocket presence last year are gone. He looks cool in the pocket and is making quick reads and accurate passes. Most importantly, with a couple notable exceptions, he's putting the ball where only his receivers can get to it.

The WR/TE situation is great because having an array is skill guys at the position rather than one safety net (Marshall) is good for both the offense and for the salary cap. Lloyd is making tough grabs, Royal is filling the slot position very nicely and Thomas is going to be a beast with his skill (the major question mark was his route running, which he's been good, albeit inconsistent). Anyway, I think Bay Bay also has the makings of a quiet leader.

Defensively... our front seven has looked weak at times, but they flat out dominated the Titans line (almost as bad as their front 7 dominated us). Ayers just keeps getting better, and I think he is going to be a very good all around linebacker - getting Doom back, we'll have a ridiculous left-right punch. Williams had a good game in coverage, actually, and he is playing very well.

Our d-line is eating up blocks, but they need to get a better rush to compensate for Dumvervil's absence. I hope we go for a excellent 3-4 DE with some edge quickness - like a 285-290 type in next years draft. Also a nose tackle as we are old there.

Coverage is great, and there is a great mix of young and old. I don't know why Nate Jones is still on the team, but Cox and McBath are going to be standouts, and Squid projects to be pretty good as well. Still, it's aging and will continue to be a focus in terms of bringing in youth.

Everything good from special teams is coming from Prater... he is generally kicking it deep, and I put that fumble recovery all on him and Bruton - not the scheming. That said, Nate Jones who stunk up the place on D, also did on special teams. I hate our coverage schemes, and would like to see a new ST coach brought in.