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Breaking apart the Broncos Red Zone Drives:

1st and 10, RB play to Maroney - Maroney got greedy. 3 yards was open to him, he danced trying to get more tackled at the Line of Scrimmage.
2nd and 10, Orton completes Short completion to Daniel Graham with flag.
1st and goal, Maroney. Makes one man miss in the backfield. Tacked going across LoS. Note at this point, Maroney has 7 rushes for wait for it 15 yards. Ground game is already stalled.
2nd and goal, Hand off to Maroney with Larsen as FB. Larsen clearly expects Maroney to follow him to the outside and double teams a existing block, but Maroney doesn't, instead cutting back and getting tackled.
3rd and Goal, Badly thrown fade from Kyle Orton to DT. Position of the ball was perfect, but DT was not yet in position. He needed to hold onto it for one more second. Good pocket protection.
4th and goal: Note that because of how inept the Broncos's earlier non-red zone drives where,they were already down two possessions (one TD, two FG). So out come the gambling dice. Rush to Maroney, who has a hole open, but doesn't have the speed to get through the hole. Tackled alone (no Broncos within a good 3 or four yards) at the goal line. It sure looks to me like 77 and 82 were supposed to support Maroney, but both lost their feet. Box was stacked like no-one's business.

In short, everyone screwed up on the first series - Larsen, Maroney, Orton, Possibly Thomas, OL and TEs.

Red Zone:
1st and 10:
Quick out from Orton to Gaffney for 9 yards.

2nd and 1:
Try for Gaffney in the end zone. Legs get tripped up, Gaffney doesn't get enough rotation around to catch the ball, and it goes off his shoulder. Eddie Royal is in perfect position in the slot in single coverage.

3rd and 1:
Fade to the corner with Gaffney, Gaffney wants PI, I don't see it. Ball just looks overthrown and Gaffney can't get to it.


We didn't even try to run the ball here.

Red Zone
1st and 10: O-line collapses, Orton throws it away.
2nd and 10: Not sure what the hell is going on here. Orton's getting pressure, but not of his receivers are even slightly set. I think they misread coverage here or someone missed a audible.
3rd and 10: Short completion to Eddie Royal at LoS. Pocket was collapsing, Royal was the safety valve. Immediately tackled.

Once again, no running plays, which let the Colts blitz at will. Hence Orton never had time to set properly and throw. No Rushes here either.

Red Zone:
1st and 10: Rushing play (first one in a very long time). Two yard gain.
2nd and 7: Pocket collapses, Orton makes a dangerous/stupid throw with a defender in his face. Very Cutler-esque play.
3rd and 7: Throw to Gaffney over the middle. Wide open receiver beyond him. Tacked immediately for loss.

4th and 3: Exact same throw that Orton's been off on to the left all game, now thrown to the right. Ball tipped, underthrown or a missed audible resulting in the ball being no where near a receiver.

Broncos did this one to themselves. They did finally try a single rush, but it was back at the twenty. Brandon Lloyd either missed a audible, or Orton ahd the ball slip or tipped.

Red Zone:
1st and 10: Orton holds on to the ball too long, defender in his face, gets rid of it, nearly picked.
2nd and 15: Pass over the middle to Eddie Royal. Behind Eddie, with a defender in the way. Would have been a highlight film catch to get it, but there was a outside shot.
3rd and 15: Kyle Drops the snap, recovers it, throws to Buckhalter for 2 yard gain.
4th and 15: Kyle Orton to the right to DT, who is being double teamed. Ball thrown with decent position, but DT is scissored in the air by the defenders, loosing the ball. Defender had a better play underneath DT, and had the ball in the air which DT knocks loose.
Orton's and the O is desperate and at the end of the game, and it shows.

A couple of things here - one - the Broncos need to be dedicated to the rush, even when it's not working for yardage game. After the first series, the Broncos ran exactly one rushing play in the red zone in all of the failed red zone series. That allowed the Colts to do what they do best - bring the pressure.

Second, Kyle Orton and the receivers were all off today in the zone. There were constant mis-understandings between Lloyd, Thomas and Gaffney. The announcers talked about how the Broncos had two game plans on defense - inside and outside of the twenty. It seems like they had two game plans on offense as well - inside an outside the twenty. Outside was brilliant, inside was insanely inept.

Finally, Josh needs to start doing something new on the trips plus one formation. Every single time they have called it this season, they have gone to the receiver with single coverage. The Colts knew that, and were expecting it all game long.

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3rd and Goal, Badly thrown fade from Kyle Orton to DT. Position of the ball was perfect, but DT was not yet in position. He needed to hold onto it for one more second. Good pocket protection.

so which was it, a badly thrown fade, or a perfectly positioned ball?

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so which was it, a badly thrown fade, or a perfectly positioned ball?

Both. It would have been a perfectly thrown fade if it was passed a second later.

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hahaha I like that

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I think the biggest problem was the play calling. The pass play calling was awesome. The run play calling sucked. First you can't run a stretch play on the Colts. They are too fast a team to string out. Second, we ran really no draw plays at all and against agressive DE's that tee-off, that is an ideal run play to exexcute - especially when our tackles were pushing them out of the play 80% of the time.

Coyer's defenses are built for speed and play a lot of zone. We did a nice job of running deep routes to cut up the the zones. You need to run at them, though and we really didn't do that. I also think McDaniels got stubborn in the redzone and wasn't creative enough. I know running the same run play three times is a nice "tough guy" thing to do and sends a message, but if you mix things up and are able to score, that sends a bigger one.

We got outcoached and made mistakes. The Colts made none. That's why we lost.

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I'm stealing this one :yayaya: