View Full Version : Week one?

09-06-2010, 08:06 PM
A.Rodgers or K.Orton?

I know Aaron is fantasy god but I think Orton is going to have to throw a lot in jville.

Also Crosby or Prater?

This is my first year playing fantasy, so any help is a big help!

09-06-2010, 08:07 PM
Rodgers is an every week starter. The correct answer is Rodgers. He's going to get you 50 on several occasions this year.

09-06-2010, 08:24 PM
I have Rodgers and Orton too, and I'm considering starting Orton... Rodgers is going up against Philly and Orton up in Jacksonville. Rodgers is just too good to pass up, maybe in another week depending how we are playing and how Rodgers hold up.
I will start Rodgers.

09-08-2010, 07:15 PM
I thought about starting orton too. I do have tom brady and kolb though.

09-09-2010, 02:22 PM

Ill stick with Rodgers this week.

Dont ask me why but I have two kickers Crosby and Prater...If you dropped one which would it be?

Im thinking of picking up Ayers before he blows up....