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08-13-2010, 09:14 AM
Alright, I am in a high stakes league and my draft last year was pretty bad (Thanks Alec)! So I made a lot of moves last year and have some options this year for keepers. The way our keepers work for this year (first year w/Keepers) is you give up whatever round pick the player was selected in last year. I have no idea who anyone else is keeping, but here are my options. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Andre Johnson- 1st round (#6 overall is what I would give up)

Donovan McNabb- 6th round

Wes Welker- 4th round (Probably going to stay away from this one)

Beanie Wells- 8th round (I see a lot of value here)

Knowshon Moreno- 10th round (again a lot of value here)

Jonathon Stewart- 8th round (I traded for him during the season, good value)

Jermichael Finley- Undrafted (Wouldn't have to give up any picks and I see him as a top 5 TE.)

Others that I have but not really considering- Percy Harvin, Donnie Avery, Jeremy Shockey, and Ricky Williams.

I am leaning towards keeping Knowshon and Beanie Wells. I think Beanie is a borderline 1 and Knowshon a solid 2. Figure Wells will get 280-300 carries, 1200 yards and 10-12 TDs. Knowshon I figure is good for 250 carries, 1000 yards and 7-10 TDs.

Also considering:
J.Stewart who should be good for another 1100 yards and 10 TDs. The only problem with him is he is up one week and down the next. You may have a 25 point week with him followed by a couple of 5 point weeks and then another 25 point week. An 8th round pick for that type of production is pretty good.

D.McNabb who I think will put up decent fantasy stats in Shanny's offense. But I think I can do better at QB in the first 4 rounds of the draft. But also have to consider that I would only have to give up a 6th for his production.

Jermichael Finley is a stud in the making. When healthy he is a top receiving threat in a pass friendly offense. Over the final 7 games last year (when he returned from injury) he went for 63 points in that span avg. 9 points per week. The icing on the cake is he was undrafted last year so I would give up a 15th round pick!

So if I go with two RBs I can go QB, WR, WR, RB, WR in the first 5 rounds. I think the only QBs that will be kept are Brees and Rodgers. We start three receivers so I'll have to go heavy on receivers in the first 5 rounds. I may end up drafting Andre Johnson again in the first unless one of the top RBs (Johnson, Peterson, Rice, Jackson, Gore, etc.) is available. I figure Rice will be a keeper as he was a mid round pick last year. CJ was a 2nd round pick, should be a keeper too. Peterson and Jackson were both first round picks so it's up in the air whether their owners will keep them or not?


Bronco Yoda
08-23-2010, 04:20 AM
Knowshon? With our O-line troubles and him going into the season without preseason work?

Good luck with that one.

08-26-2010, 06:54 PM
Hey all. sorry to post this here but Im having a hard time starting a new thread. I'd really like to try an auction draft format this year but I don't know anyone running one. Anyone know of a service that offers a public league with an auction draft feature? I have no problem paying to join.