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08-03-2010, 03:11 AM
So my service was out yesterday after work on hold for 50 mins, today was on hold for 20 mins after I hung up once to talk to the online help.

Live Chat
Status: Analyst Celina is here and your issue status is: working

Problem: On Demand doesnt work...much like last night End Session user Nick_ has entered room

Nick(Tue Aug 3 04:00:39 EDT 2010)>On Demand doesnt work...much like last night

analyst Celina has entered room

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:04:15 EDT 2010)>Hello Nick_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Celina. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:04:21 EDT 2010)>How are you today?

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:05:13 EDT 2010)>Hi Nick!

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:08:00 EDT 2010)>hi

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:08:35 EDT 2010)>I see here that you have a conecrn with your On Demand.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:08:47 EDT 2010)>my comcast service is not functioning properly again, so been better

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:09:03 EDT 2010)>I understand the trouble that this has caused you and I want you to know how sorry I am for the inconvenience. I am glad to help you.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:09:16 EDT 2010)>correct as usual when I get home from work on demand doesnt work

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:09:56 EDT 2010)>I am very sorry for teh inconevenience Nick.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:10:10 EDT 2010)>Rest assure tat I will be helping you with your conecrn today.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:10:20 EDT 2010)>I know you we can do this together.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:10:36 EDT 2010)>no spell check huh?

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:11:08 EDT 2010)>Oh I forgot to have the spell check activated Nick.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:11:16 EDT 2010)>I am very sorry with my typos.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:11:50 EDT 2010)>no worries I don't doubt youre credability

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:11:59 EDT 2010)>fix my tv

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:12:05 EDT 2010)>Thank you so much Nick.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:12:06 EDT 2010)>To ensure the integrity of your account information, can I have the full account name and address please.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:12:34 EDT 2010)>nicholas onofrio, 305 w fa####

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:13:27 EDT 2010)>Thank you so much for providing me the account information Nick.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:13:40 EDT 2010)>I will be resolving this issue for you today. Can you give me 2 minutes to pull up your account?

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:14:41 EDT 2010)>well after 20 minutes of being on hold on the phone and 50 mins yesterday 2 mins is nothing

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:15:46 EDT 2010)>Thank you so much NIck.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:16:42 EDT 2010)>yes I'm very considerate

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:16:56 EDT 2010)>By the way, we do have a featured service that is Service Protection Plan. SPP provides residential customers with an in-home wire service protection plan that covers all chargeable trouble calls (which include those related to inside wiring, customer equipment or customer education) for Video, CHSI, and CDV.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:17:30 EDT 2010)>Do I appear to be an idiot?

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:18:07 EDT 2010)>Thank you for patiently waiting Nick.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:18:14 EDT 2010)>No you are not Nick.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:18:37 EDT 2010)>I am very sorry if I have felt you that way.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:18:45 EDT 2010)>I do apologize Nick.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:19:07 EDT 2010)>cool get to you saying your sending a reset signal to my box, it not working and saying the system is being updated

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:19:50 EDT 2010)>That is correct Nick.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:19:51 EDT 2010)>Just to set proper expectations, in order to solve your concern, we may have to go through troubleshooting by asking several questions.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:19:59 EDT 2010)>Would that be okay with you?

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:20:06 EDT 2010)>yup

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:20:32 EDT 2010)>Thank you Nick.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:21:06 EDT 2010)>Nick, may I ask you to please turn off all the video equipment that are currently affected.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:21:14 EDT 2010)>Once it is off, kindly unplug the cable box's power cord from the power outlet, and wait for 30 seconds.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:21:18 EDT 2010)>After 30 seconds, please plug the power cord back in to the power outlet and wait a few seconds for the cable box to boot up.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:21:36 EDT 2010)>copy

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:21:36 EDT 2010)>In addition to that Nick, can you please provide me the serial number of the box.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:21:45 EDT 2010)>Very good Nick!

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:21:50 EDT 2010)>Thank you so much.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:22:50 EDT 2010)>standby

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:23:08 EDT 2010)>mcard sn?

Celina(Tue Aug 3do 04:24:38 EDT 2010)>Thank you for providing me that information NIck but that is not the serial number of the box.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:25:14 EDT 2010)>It usually starts with M1, M9 or MA.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:25:21 EDT 2010)>And it is found at the back of theb box.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:25:58 EDT 2010)>no ****...there are 6 barcodes with numbers maracd sn was a question to if that was the proper one?

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:26:58 EDT 2010)>which by the way reads MA10)(FFFFA28

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:27:28 EDT 2010)>Oh thak you so much for this one Nick.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:27:35 EDT 2010)>I appreciate it a lot.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:27:52 EDT 2010)>I will be sending the signal in a moment.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:28:45 EDT 2010)>Please make sure that the box is on Nick.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:28:47 EDT 2010)>Thank you.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:29:08 EDT 2010)>I'm as optimistic it will fix comcasts errors as I am congress will fix the economy

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:29:49 EDT 2010)>thanks, however when you said wait for the cable box to boot back up it implied it was on

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:30:17 EDT 2010)>Thank you so much Nick.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:30:51 EDT 2010)>So "Celina" what nation do you work from?

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:31:21 EDT 2010)>Oh I came from Philippines, Nick.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:31:42 EDT 2010)>Nick, I have successfully send the signal.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:33:28 EDT 2010)>So you "SENT" the signal, however now when I press ondemand in says call my "cable operator" not 1-800-COMCAST

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:34:03 EDT 2010)>by the way still on hold with 1-800-COMCAST

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:35:10 EDT 2010)>Nick, just to inform you that it takes 15 to 30 minutes for the signal to load.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:38:02 EDT 2010)>By the way, let me remind you of the things that we have done to your account today. you have contacted us because you have a concern with your On Demand.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:38:08 EDT 2010)>We did some basic troubleshooting.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:38:12 EDT 2010)>I send a signal to your box.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:38:58 EDT 2010)>so the next 15 to 30 mins, I see how much cheaper more reliable and offers my Denver Broncos games live?

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:39:35 EDT 2010)>I mean who

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:39:31 EDT 2010)>Yes it is Nick.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:40:21 EDT 2010)>Oh I see Nick.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:41:27 EDT 2010)>It has been my pleasure serving you today and I truly appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Do you have other concerns for me today? I will be glad to assist you further Nick.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:44:32 EDT 2010)>yeah

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:44:41 EDT 2010)>its nit working

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:46:30 EDT 2010)>Oh I am very sorry to hear that Nick.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:47:53 EDT 2010)>yeah so fix it

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:48:45 EDT 2010)>Nick, I will be sending another signal.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:48:54 EDT 2010)>The reset signal will refresh and reconfigure your box so that it will reload all its settings and features.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:49:34 EDT 2010)>I was watching a movie on demand I can't get back to it, will I not be charged?

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:50:25 EDT 2010)>Nick, you will not be charge for it.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:50:40 EDT 2010)>The gentlemen on the phone was an **** and told me the updates are sent at night and he can't do anything about it...and stopped talking and got defensive

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:51:01 EDT 2010)>Oh I am very sorry to hear that Nick.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:51:23 EDT 2010)>Would you like me to send the other type of signal now?

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:51:52 EDT 2010)>I get off work late night, if Comcast can't provide service then why use them? I never had service issues with DirectTv

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:52:07 EDT 2010)>yeah send all the signals you have

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:52:17 EDT 2010)>Thank you Nick.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:54:01 EDT 2010)>NIck, I have already send the signals.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:54:12 EDT 2010)>The signal will take 45 minutes for the box to process. After that time, the box will refresh and reconfigure.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:54:15 EDT 2010)>This will allow it to receive the channels and services that you are supposed to be enjoying. Until the 45 minute time is over, please make sure the box stays ON.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:54:21 EDT 2010)>are any of the signals "Comcast sucks at service, this is a call from someone not an idiot to help you"?

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:54:48 EDT 2010)>so for 45 mins comcast is useless to me?

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:55:28 EDT 2010)>Nick, I do apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:55:54 EDT 2010)>you are awesome at copy and paste

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:56:14 EDT 2010)>so do I get a credit for the time my service is down>

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:56:20 EDT 2010)>?

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:56:33 EDT 2010)>Nick, I do respect your opinion.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:57:10 EDT 2010)>You can get a credit for this Nick. But in order for you to have that. You have to call our hotline.

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:57:28 EDT 2010)>I am terribly sorry for what had happened Nick.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:57:47 EDT 2010)>I did, 50 mins on hold yesterday, 20 mins today

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:57:53 EDT 2010)>I understand how frustrating it is.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:58:04 EDT 2010)>then fix it

Celina(Tue Aug 3 04:58:39 EDT 2010)>Nick, I have already exhausted all my tools here in my end.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 04:59:57 EDT 2010)>this is a pointless window...you resend, the guy on the phone resends the signal...its a pointless excercise to cover comcasts failures.

Nick_(Tue Aug 3 05:00:29 EDT 2010)>I should have called John Elway and Tim "Loves the Jesus" Tebow
Yup my evening off

08-03-2010, 06:38 AM
Comcast does indeed suck ass. I can't wait for the day when I can get anything else. They are extra ****ty in Fort Collins. They charge you the same amount for about half the HD content of the Denver metro area and they keep removing channels that are included in their basic digital cable service. Namely the Mtn which is the only channel that one can watch CSU games on. **** Comcast.

Tombstone RJ
08-03-2010, 09:30 AM
I love doing the live chat tech support thingy... it's always some chick from India or the Phillippines...

08-03-2010, 09:56 AM
I love doing the live chat tech support thingy... it's always some chick from India or the Phillippines...

Ever notice how the offshore tech support are using American names now?

Seriously! I was on the phone with Linksys tech support and the guys said his name was Randy Davison. Sounded strange with the heavy Indian accent.

Beantown Bronco
08-03-2010, 10:19 AM
Ever notice how the offshore tech support are using American names now?

Seriously! I was on the phone with Linksys tech support and the guys said his name was Randy Davison. Sounded strange with the heavy Indian accent.

Interesting. A similar practice was performed one other time that I'm aware of.....coincidence?

<object style="height: 344px; width: 425px"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/-1jURDHRINY"><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/-1jURDHRINY" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="425" height="344"></object>

08-03-2010, 11:45 AM
Just wondering, but why can't you have DirecTV?

Tombstone RJ
08-03-2010, 01:14 PM
Just wondering, but why can't you have DirecTV?

Some condos/apartment places don't allow these services so you have to get cable instead... this may be a reason for not having a dish...

Jerry Curl
08-03-2010, 05:18 PM
Just wondering, but why can't you have DirecTV?

This. Because right before football season, ie. right now, is a great time for deals. The $60 a month for DTV's premier packages with Sunday Ticket is unbeatable, to bad it only lasts 6 months but worth it.

08-03-2010, 05:29 PM
Some condos/apartment places don't allow these services so you have to get cable instead... this may be a reason for not having a dish...

Yeah, I thought of that, but wasn't sure of the OP situation. Glad I live in a house and can get DTV. I haven't missed a game since I was 5, and I'm 23 now. I lived in Denver before Sunday Ticket was available, thank God!

08-03-2010, 05:45 PM
Some condos/apartment places don't allow these services so you have to get cable instead... this may be a reason for not having a dish...

Condos and apartments CANNOT ban you from putting up a dish (direct or Dish) on any area that is for your private use ( such as a balcony or patio). They can ban you from bolting it to their building or having it hang out beyond your private area, or anything that would damage their property.

Federal law prohibits them from saying you cannot have a dish up to 1Meter (39 inches) in diameter. The same law applies to HOA or covenants in private neighborhoods. And the federal law supercedes any state , local or HOA /covenant and they know it. They cannot make you remove it if you put it up.

Of course you need a view of the southern sky to pick the signal up...

I have a DISH that I mounted on a roll around tool cart and used to get my Brother in law set up on dish net. The same type of restrictions applied. So I fastened a platform to the tool cart mounted the dish on it, stuck 50 lbs of rock salt in the tool cart and rolled it out onto his patio right up against the wall but over the top for the dish to clear it.....lined the dish up and voila...Satelite tv...no permanent mount and no infringing the property owners facility. Had to get a flat cable to pass the cable past the sliding door...that was the only problem.

08-03-2010, 06:16 PM
If you have a friend that has DTV, get a slingbox and pay them to get another box that you can use uninterrupted. Hook your computer up to your tv and you're good to go.