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ok- so first off pola it was fun talking with ya. I am going to go to camp tomorrow morning too. But I prob wont be able to report till late later or the next day. I have a bachellor party to attend to. And dude from BC- i missed your name rguy17 or something- i will be there tomorrow morning- maybe I will bump into ya.

anyway for todays report...

I was primarily trying to focus on my boy JD walton, and the Qbs.

First thing first. EVERYONE LOOKED RUSTY! I also am a strict judge when evaluating and also throw away my bias when scouting these guys. As much as I possibly can. I will not say one looks good when he didnt just because I like him over another.

There was a lot of running plays. Lots of them. Partly I think because they FO wants/needs to get a good look at the RBs we have got since both our boys went down yesterday. Kolby smith seemed to be getting a lot of the first team work, but lance ball was in there on a fair share too. Toney baker made a few appearances but otherwise imo went rather unnoticed. He (baker) is a big boy though- he can def plow the road when he needs too.

I liked lance ball a lot though, someone said he looks like MJD and when I saw a RB out there I knew it was him right away without looking at his number. He is a short stout thick little man. Kolby smith is bigger than I remember...One thing that will hinder lance ball is his catching. He was not very impressive in pass catching. Something that our RBs should do a lot. Lance also got some work on ST as kickoff coverage.

JD Walton and the OL

- Lots of my focus went on JD...He was once again working with the #1 OL the entire practice. -polumbus, beadles, JD, kuper, Harris- In the beginning they were working 5 on 5 and then 7 on 7....When there was 3 ol and 3 dl JD was getting worked over pretty good by fields. Which sucks because JD is my big pimp this year. But he was getting owned pretty good. However, when they were running a full OL -11 vs 11. JD was stout. I noticed because he is shorter that he was getting hands to his face/neck area a lot. I happen to like this for 2 reasons. 1)- we will probably get some calls for illegal hands to the face and 2) JD plays better when he is mad and I know a few times that was not making him happy. JD- got called out once pretty rough by the OL coach but he came back and played better. He was communicating a bunch with kuper. A LOT!-- (kupesdad) from the OM said a few weeks ago that kuper was helping JD make the calls at the line and establish the block assignements. I am sure that is what they were going over. I like to see good communication on the OL.

as for the rest of them playing- Harris looked good. Kuper got absolutely OWNED like no ones business, possibly by Jarvis Moss of all people on one play. Get more on moss in a minute. But the rest of the time kuper was pretty solid. I could not see beadles well and polumbus at all. However, the #1 offense could barely get the handoff to the RB off the left side before getting hit...Beadles, polumbus--= bad. I am sure it was rust, but man not good.

As a whole unit the #1 OL was getting worked over repeatedly by the #1 defense. Especially in the run game. I was talking with montrose from OM before TC and he was telling me this is what he saw yesterday. I absolutely agree with him. Jarvis green and Justin Bannan were unmovable forces out there. Factor in the big man Jamal Williams and the DL should be Vastly improved over last year. I was highly impressed by them-all things considered and with what we are used to seeing on the DL. Still by no means are we a great DL, but I see improvement from just one practice. THe #1 defense smelled out numerous screen plays to the RB and crushed them. Orton had no chance to even make the throw. Of course the offense did get a few in there and a few good runs, but overall the DL and the LB were all over them. Which is typical anyway at the start of TC...The OL imo should be fine and come together, we really need clady though, it is either amazing how damn good he is, or just how damn bad polumbus sucks. Please let it be clady being the tebow of LTs.

QBs- In throwing drills with no defense, just patterns. Quinn was throwing really nice balls. Sharp crisp and accurate. He impressed me. Orton was looking good too and he was taking command of things, if he did not like the route or whatever he would talk it over with the WR. Tebow- is not going to supplant Orton ANYTIME soon. Make no mistake. Tebows short passes were wobbly, but the ones on target were perfect and accurate. The pass does not look pretty but we are not winning games by pretty looking spirals. We win them by completions and he was doing it. However, Tebow is still way behind as far as learning the offense in and out. His medium to long range passes were much better though. His spirals were tight too. I think when he actually puts some force on the ball it spirals nicely, when he is just throwing with some touch its a wobble. I am not concernd. His few dep passes were pretty nice completions. Tebow also throws the hardest ball, but quinn is not to far behind.
Orton- knew the offense and is getting things down pretty well. He sees the plays faster and is getting the open man. A few times I would call out who he would pass to before he would pass it and it went to who i said. So he is still locking on to his WR some, but also majority of the time they were open. So its a give and take, on one hand if I can see it then a DB probably could jump the route. However, on some of those the DB was beaten and the player wide open. So it would make sense to throw it there.

Quinn was better than tebow, worse than orton, none were really that impressive though. QUinn does not go through progressions fast enough in my mind yet, and tebow holds the ball waaaaaaaaaaaaay to long. Tebow had a lot of designed runs/QB draws. We will see a lot of him this year...One cool play was the Qbs had to throw the ball over the jumping coach to the player in the flats. I liked that drill. The QBs did well in it too. Tebow had some runs that would have gone for minimal gains had the D been able to hit him. But people cheered anyhow. He had a broken play with a farve like flip pass to toney baker- who made a nice outstretched juggling catch. While it shows tebows play making ability- it was close to a fumble and maybe best served to toss it out of bounds. He was getting pressured hard.

Random stuff i noticed
-Willis- caught my eye, the guy runs good routes and caught everything. He was also getting work on ST as a returner. After practice he was called over to work with tebow on running plays.
- Eric decker beat his guy deep on go routes a couple times. The balls were a tad to far or off, but he is getting verticle and doing a good job of it.
-branson- did not look good at all to me. Not buying the hype at all. False starts, slow, Richard Quinn worked with the #1s and looked good. Impressed me a bit.
-stokely worked with the #2 almost exclusively.
-Jarvis Moss- made a really nice play for a big loss, after that the LT and RT stoned him every other time. He got taken out big time by someone and took a chewing for it. not impressive. He still looks better than before, but not as good. I still think he makes the team though, our depth is not very good.
- Nick greisen- got chewed out big time, he did not have a good practice imo.
- Perrish Cox had a few KO returns where he was NOT touched!
-Tebow made a nice 25 yard completion down the sidelines to willis. The ball was underthrown big time. But willis made a great adjustment to stop and haul it in.
- DJ popped someone big time! Very loud very nice. He let the RB go, but game time it would have been like a Roy Williams re run. Maybe not that hard, but it was a good stuff on his part.
-DT is big and i like what i see. He stayed after practice to work on getting off the jam at the LOS with a coach for about 15 minutes. I stayed until I got kicked out and he was still going.
- Tebow worked with the offense and defense after practice running pass plays. NO DL just LB/dbs...he was doing ok, but working hard. Had 2 bck to back passes to no one, either he threw the wrong play or the WR ran the wrong routes....not really sure what happened there.

Think that is about it. Since there was a lot of run plays and I was looking at Qbs and C, I can not go into too much depth. I am hungry and have to get my stuff together for tomorrow. Ask away- for yoou at the BC or OM- you have to ask me at BF, cuz thats where i hang.

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Thanks for your report, it is much appreciated.

I always like to hear about DJ playing the big hits! :)

I hope we can get Clady back in there because all the reports so far have been suggesting the left side is a huge problem area without him.

Good stuff.

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good read, thanks.

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Thanks a bunch.....kinda tough finding news today..

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Good report thanks

The O-line getting worked over as bad as people are saying is concerning

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Thanks a lot U29, if you see Alastor at camp be sure it kick him in the balls.

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Thanks man

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Great read, thanks a lot!

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thanks for the report but did you graduate high school? cmon man

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thanks for the report but did you graduate high school? cmon man

actually nevermind i couldnt even read it, but thanks

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Thanks man.

Keep it coming :)

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- Tebow worked with the offense and defense after practice running pass plays. NO DL just LB/dbs...he was doing ok, but working hard. Had 2 bck to back passes to no one, either he threw the wrong play or the WR ran the wrong routes....not really sure what happened there.


awesome...I love this. This is how a great QB can make players around him better. Not saying Tebow is great or thing to compare him, but this is what I would expect of Peyton Manning.

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xawesome...I love this. This is how a great QB can make players around him better. Not saying Tebow is great or thing to compare him, but this is what I would expect of Peyton Manning.

Good report thanks.

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Good stuff!! Thanks!! :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the report U29!

Your assessments of Orton & Quinn seem to be better than the majority of what I've been reading here, much more optimistic on the both of them.

I love the contrasts of the reports coming out of camp, it's very interesting.