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06-22-2010, 10:51 AM
ENGLEWOOD, Colo. --Chris Baker was the only undrafted college free agent on the Broncos to make the active roster from training camp in 2009. One step above a practice squad player, Baker saw action in one game versus Pittsburgh in week eight. He felt more like a college freshman than an NFL professional.

"It was tough," Baker said. "I thought I played well enough in the preseason to play a lot more during the season, but you just take it and use it as a redshirt year. I learned a lot more than I would've been able to learn if I was out there playing as much."

During the 15 games he stood inactive on the sideline Baker held fast to his focus, taking mental reps at nose guard while teammates like Ronald Fields demonstrated how to go about your business in the fray of a typical snap at the line of scrimmage.

"I was just watching what the other guys did in front of me," Baker said. "Those were the only examples that I had of how to be a professional player, so I just watched the things that they did and tried to learn."

Baker would take the technique he observed from games and replicate it during the week. He stood still on game days, but in practice he could put his progress on display and get back to the physical fun of the sport.

"It's very enjoyable," Baker said. "You just have to take every day for what it's worth and keep working hard, and then hopefully it pays off and you'll be out there playing."

The red shirt's off in Bakers second year with the team. He hopes to build on the steps he took last season to be a better player, a player who can step in and contribute on Sundays.

"I just take it day by day and... show the coaches that I'm a hard worker, that they'll be able to trust me when the season comes so I can get on the field a lot more this year."

The arrival of two time All-Pro Jamal Williams gives Baker another role model with a playing style worth emulating. Baker hopes to rotate at Williams' position when the 34-year-old veteran needs a breather, but for now he's satisfied to study under one of the most accomplished defensive linemen of the decade.

"I kind of try to mirror everything that Jamal does," Baker said. "He's been a really good player in this league for awhile. He and (defensive line) coach (Wayne) Nunnely have been together for awhile, so he's like coach's poster child. You're just trying to follow him and have a good career too."

Even in minicamp and OTAs Baker sees why Nunnely, who coached Williams in San Diego for the first 10 years of Williams' career, points to Williams as his prized pupil.

"He's a hard worker is what it is," Baker said. "As soon as he steps on the field it's all business. Even in the meeting rooms he's taking notes. He's very attentive during film studies. He's a good student of the game."

Baker said he still needs to work on his film study and technique, but he can't wait for a chance to shine in training camp.

"I'm just looking forward to putting the pads on and showing the coaches that I can stop the run, rush the passer, and do everything I can do so I can play," he said.


It would be nice if he made a big contribution this year in the DL rotation

Beantown Bronco
06-22-2010, 10:55 AM
Rev is gonna love this thread.

I swear Baker must've had dry sex with Rev's lobster or something with the way he bashes him.

06-22-2010, 07:54 PM
Is taking notes during meetings that remarkable? They don't all do that?

06-22-2010, 07:59 PM
I'd like to see the notes he takes - are you kidding me, I didn't think DLineman could write?!?

Good to hear, hopefully Baker isn't a Glen Cadrez or Nate Jackson for the dline. I'd love to see him do well as a UDFA.

06-22-2010, 08:18 PM
Rev is gonna love this thread.

I swear Baker must've had dry sex with Rev's lobster or something with the way he bashes him.

How about he's a horrible person that could've killed someone (and is extremely lucky he didn't) because he's too much of a pussy to handle something himself even though he's a giant of a man?

He didn't deserve PSU football so he got kicked out of it.

He DOESN'T deserve Broncos football either and I don't see any benefit towards compromising those character morals when the UPSIDE is a rotational run support player, meanwhile you ship out players less stupid (albeit still stupid) but significantly more talented in the name of character.

Sorry, no.