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06-22-2010, 04:14 AM
Bored, didn't see this posted so....


Best comment:
I can give you stats all day long on how Champ has been to more pro-bowls (9-3) been first team all pro more (3-1) been second team all pro more (3-2) and point out that Champ has only been in the league 4 years more. So if Champ makes a couple more pro bowls Namdi will have to play until he is 40 to catch up. Champ is far better in run support and get alot more tackles per game (Namdi at 2.7 tackles per game, Champ at 4.5) and Champ has averaged 4.5 picks per year over his career. Namdi is at 1.5 per year over his career. But how many times have they been targeted and how many of those resulted in completions? Namdi's best year was 27 targets with 8 completions. That is impressive no doubt. But Champs best year was 35 targets with 4 completions. Im not saying Namdi isnt talented, but dont let YOUR fandom blind you to facts. Champ in his prime was a superior CB to Namdi. But to be not quite as good as one of the best in NFL history? (look it up, most top 10 CB of all time lists have champ between 6-8th best of all time) Thats not bad at all. Namdi is an awesome CB no doubt, but to say that Champ in his prme is not as good an Namdi now? Kinda silly.

Kinda what I was thinking. I mean how many game changing plays has Nnamdi made in his career? How many games has he taken over and sealed a win for the Fade? Anybody....

Worst comment:
dopudja (6/21/2010 at 3:37 PM)
the biggest thing that bothers me about this list is that Bill thinks if champ was younger he'd be better than Nnamdi. i mean does your fandom leave you so blind to think that? Nnamdi is one of the best cbs i have seen in a long time champ in his prime doesnt match Nnamdi in his prime.

What bothers me is that this guy hasn't really watched Champ play. He just assumes because he's a homer and probly listens to the media too much.

And whats the consensus here about Eric Weddle? I don't know if I stand alone or in a small group of maners, but I don't know that this guy would start on a lot of other teams other than the Bears....

How can Cason be ahead of guys like Brandon Carr, Michael Huff, Steve Gregory, and Chris Johnson?
Burger bill just assumes way too much.