View Full Version : OT DOCUMENT FRIDAY: Centcom Combats [non-lethal] Piracy.

05-14-2010, 02:44 PM
So I didn't post these from the past couple of weeks due to the draft, Tebowpalooza, etc. But as I perused the first page and see crap like "gayest thread ever," I decided what the heck...

This one is about Soldiers, Piracy, and the MPAA. The actual document and full analysis are at the link.


This United States Central Command document relates more to The Pirates of the Caribbean than to the Pirates of Aden. The purpose of these 20 April 2008 talking points (entitled “Pirated Movies in Iraq”) is to “provide guidance on answering queries about the sale of pirated movies on Coalition bases in Iraq.” In addition to staying hydrated, protecting civilians, and avoiding IEDs, soldiers and officers serving in Iraq must additionally confront Hollywood’s concerns that they films they enjoy while serving may come from unauthorized sources.