View Full Version : My thoughts and probably making this place laugh a little

04-24-2010, 01:08 AM
Enough with this us vs them, anti-McD vs pro-mcd and the faithful followers vs the quitters. It is time to answer some questions that are not on a thread. Ask the question here and see if you can get a response.
My first is, now that Tebow is on the team and we will try to fill a spot for him, does he go with a goal line wildcat QB or do we just annoit him the man who takes over THE MAN. Do I mean Orton? No, jackass! I am talking about HILLIS! Moreno having trouble with short yardage so give it to Timmy Boy. Dude likes to get hit and if he isnt a starting QB, he can handle the punishment.
2) New Tebow fans that are following him based on his Christian (hardcore) beliefs. Not sure if there are many just for that reason as I would suspect we would get Gator fans by the truckloads. Question is, "If the Bible thumpers come into the Mane, will they be able to handle threads about 'When was the best time you had for sex?' " or when I read a thread a little different than what everyone else had in mind.... http://www.orangemane.com/BB/showthread.php?p=2814654#post2814654 . The Mormons here are so close on having some beer in the open so we have corrupted them but is this another beast that cant be handled? I know that the response will be probably, "Tough Sheat!" but I guess we will know by the born on date of the newbies.
3) If anyone is giving up and has season tickets, maybe do some trading or let those that stuck around to purchase the upcoming season.
4) Which of our Anti-McDaniels posters are now liking this draft and are giving him props and kudos?

Add any others. And just for my own personal jab I would like to say HA HA to the Yanks tonight and to Champ I would like to say HA HA on that nice 7 to 2 loss vs Vancouver.