View Full Version : The Draft Baby!!!!!!!

04-24-2010, 01:01 AM
Where do I start, I like every pick in the draft we have made. I know what you are all saying even Tebow, yes even Tebow. I think he is one of the most dynamic, and versatile players in the draft. I see him on the field day one, he will not be the starting QB, but he will be in there on short yardage plays and inside the ten yard line, he will be a nightmare for defenses to defend, I even see him sliding out to the tight end position in some way shape or form. I know everyone thinks we reached for him, but I disagree. We traded back twice and we used those picks to move back up in the draft. So ended up with two number ones, and still had a 2nd, 2-3rds, 5th, and 6th. I think he proves everyone wrong. I love the D. Thomas pick he is a big physical WR, who can block, and has better speed than Brandon Marshall. I know he is not Marshall yet, but you have to love his potential. Eric Decker has great hands runs great routes and catches everything thrown his way, I thought he was the 3rd best reciever in the draft, we stole him. We addressed needs with other picks, Zane Beadles, is a good offensive guard who can play other positions on the offensive line. J.D. Walton was the second best center in the draft, I am glad we got him. I am not sure where we go with our last two picks, I know we need ILB help and secondary help. I am not sure we get either of those with our remaining picks. I like Cam Thomas, but I think he will be gone before we pick. The RB out of Oregon (Blount) would be a nice bruising RB. Let me know what everyone thinks about this draft and if anyone agrees with me. I give this draft a B+.