View Full Version : What to with remaining picks

04-23-2010, 04:19 AM
The Broncos have 45, 80,87, 137 and 183.

45. Rodger Saffold, He starts at Lg but can also play Lt and Rt. He could be protecting Tebow blind side someday.

80 . Donald Butler, Middle linebacker with speed and stength. He did 35 reps at 225 at combine.

87. Arthur Jones, was a for sure first rounder before injury.

137. Daniel Teo Nasheim, love his pass rush ability http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmv0jJqpYMg

183 Chis Bell, call me crazy but Chis Bell could be best receiver in draft. Kicked off the Penn State football team for pulling a Knife . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBsTQjF11Ec

04-23-2010, 04:21 AM
for PULLING A KNIFE? damnnnnn dunno about that.

anyway, i hope we get arrelious (no one on earth can spell his name right) benn and matt tennant/jd walton in 2nd (mcdaniels can/might/will move up to get the guys he wants in 2nd). get a LB in the third.

04-23-2010, 04:23 AM
I hope somehow Mays is there, that would be awesome. Otherwise Ducasse, Benn, Tate, Spikes, and any of the Dlineman are fine with me.