View Full Version : OT Document Friday: 54,651,765 US Documents Classified in 2009

04-16-2010, 03:38 PM
Here's my Document Friday post for the National Security Archive's blog. Went contemporary this week. :clown:


More documents were classified and fewer were declassified in FY 2009 than in FY 2008, according to today’s hot doc, The Information Security Oversight Office’s Report to the President. This trend of decreased access to information has continued since FY 2006. However, ISOO noted that the 134 percent increase of classified information was “largely attributed to more accurate data provided by agencies.” Previously, some agencies did not report classified electronic communication and documents. Had earlier ISOO reports accounted for electronic classifications, the spike of increased classification between FY 2008 and 2009 would not have been as dramatic. (See Steve Aftergood’s analysis of the report at Secrecy News.)

In a letter to the president, Director of ISOO William J. Bosanko stated that “Agencies must strike a balance between preserving, protecting, and advancing National Security and supporting the goal of conducting business in an open manner to the greatest extent possible. Only then will the American people be fully confident that the classified national security information program serves them well.” The report provides a fascinating and detailed glimpse into the US’s security classification regime but does not tackle the difficult problem of balancing classification with “conducting business in an open manner.”

The rest, charts, and the actual report is at the link.