View Full Version : DOWN with Fun, UP with Kicking Ass

04-09-2010, 07:11 AM
No more laughing or smiling, no more being colorful and full of life

It is time to start taking things seriously, especially for the Broncos players. No more having fun for you anymore. It is time to start bringing home more Super Bowl trophies every year.

And for Broncos fans, it is time for taking this team seriously. No more smiling and laughing anymore. It is time to start cussing when there are screw ups...
a) when the opposing team makes an interception :cuss:
b) when the opposing offense worms through the Broncos defense :chairhit:
c) When there is a fumble going on, and the opposing team gets the ball instead of the Broncos :punched::gripe:
d) When the Broncos quarterback throws to the intended target, but the opposing defense intercepts for a touchdown :moody::redpunch::cuss::garcia:
e) When the defense knocks a Broncos quarterback down, and loses a few yards :garcia::redpunch:

Life is now about seriousness and kicking ass. It's time to take smiling and a colorful personality and shove them up the ass of the Raiders. It is time to do what I'm dong below, and that is bite the head of a smiley face, and make it bleed badly.