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Bronco Rob
04-08-2010, 04:35 AM
Jamal Williams on Nalen, his health, "that other team"

April 8th, 2010, 12:51 pm ∑ posted by Frank Schwab

For many years, the one thing Broncos fans might have known massive Chargers nose tackle Jamal Williams for was his twice-a-year battles with longtime center Tom Nalen. Williams remembers as well.

"Iím still looking for Tom," Williams said. "I heard heís like 220 (pounds) right now. So if youíre out there man, bring it on."

Nalen had a reputation as a tough, sometimes dirty, often vocal player on Sundays, and yes, Williams remembers that too.

"The whole offensive line had that rep," Williams said. "But I think I had my better end of those battles."

The Broncos hope Williams creates as much havoc for them as he did against them. Williams signed with the Broncos last month to be the anchor of their 3-4 defense. Williams turns 34 later this month, which is an advanced age for a big nose tackle. But, like most things in his first Denver press conference, he was able to crack jokes about his age.

"It gets me out of the old folksí home for right now," Williams said of coming to offseason workouts. "I get away for recreational purposes."

Williams missed last season with a triceps injury, but said he feels good now.

"No problems," Williams said. "The best thing that happened to me was having that time off, but it was only a triceps. That gave me time to work on my lower body, getting that strong enough. Itís better now."

Williams was released by the Chargers this offseason, but didn't want to say much about his former team. At one point he said he could have played by Week 8 last season, but had already been put on injured reserve by "that other team."

"Thatís a chapter in the past," Williams said of the Chargers. "My feet are pointing forward. I donít look back at that. I just know thatís one of our divisional opponents. Now Iím in the orange and blue so itís like ĎOK, letís get ready to rock and roll here.í Iím cool with that."

He did talk about Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, a lightning rod for Broncos fans. Williams said he often exchanges text messages with Rivers.

"Weíre an hour ahead here, so I wake up and say ĎIím an hour better than you, young man, and you donít have that red jersey on during practice now,'" Williams said. "Weíre going to have fun, but when itís game time, itís serious time."


04-08-2010, 06:46 AM
How great will it be for Jamal to level Phillip... I can't wait