View Full Version : Looking for MCM2 riders

03-02-2010, 10:44 PM
Yeah yeah I know, the game is pretty old, but really, it's still the best PC Motocross game there is. Mototrax was decent but their choice to not allow custom made user tracks to be played via online killed that game and any chance of longivity. Then came MVA (MX VS ATV Unleashed) and it wasn't that bad but if you can imagine a dirt bike with pogo sticks as shocks, that's how that game plays. It feels overly bouncy if you ask me. Then there was a MOD for that came called REV and well, it's now just the total opposite. There is no sense of speed and even the slightest landing on the slightest upslope send your rider crashing. And last but not least, there is a sim going around called MX Simulator and it's pure garbage.

And with the thousands of custom tracks made for MCM2, it's still the game of my choice for Motocross. Anyway, a few of my friends still play it and it's still very fun but we are looking for a few more guys to take it up and race with us. I can get you a copy of the game but if you prefer to buy it you can find a copy for like $5 on Amazon. The custom tracks are free. I have like 450 totally awesome tracks that I can share with you. It's not demanding on the PC and there are no capped frame rates like on all those other games mentioned above.

Let me know if you are interested. Thanks.

FYI - we are also looking for a few guys to race the Original FLAT OUT with us. Much better then the 2nd version.