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01-26-2010, 07:00 PM
Safety: Starters, depth and youth are all good at the safety position barring a surprise Dawkins retirement. Unless a good player is available surprisingly cheap I don't expect us to do anything about this position aside from adding a bit of camp depth with a few street free agents or UDFA players.
FA: No action
Draft: No action

Cornerback: Starters are good, but depth and youth is suspect at best. We currently have 4 CBs on the roster (Law is a free agent), two of whom are into their 30s and two of whom are rookies who were not overwhelming in any way. I would not be surprised to see us add a veteran of some quality as well as drafting a cornerback to bolster the position for the future. Champ is a prime renegotiating/contract extension option and his situation I think will determine what we do in the draft, if we do not resign with him or renegotiate I suspect we will address the CB position in the first 3 rounds of the draft to prepare for when he is done.
FA: Veteran backup
Draft: Early to middle round pick

Inside linebacker: I definitely expect us to add an ILB, this could be through the draft or FA depending where we find someone who fits the system. Davis is decent but is not going to last and DJ needs someone to take the focus off him so he can do what he does well and be protecting from the things he does poorly. Starters are okay for now, depth is not bad and youth is okay, but an overall upgrade to the position is needed.
FA: Veteran backup/Starter
Draft: Potential high round pick

Outside linebacker: This position depends 100% on what the powers that be thinks of Ayers, if they are willing to trust that he will improve a lot they are not going to do a lot here - so keep an eye on any move we make to add significant talent at this position as a guage on what Ayers will be doing for us. If we add a significant player here Ayers will almost certainly be asked to bulk up and play DE. Starters need an upgrade (could come in form of improvement from Ayers), depth is good and youth is good too.
FA: Depth player
Draft: No action

Defensive end: Maybe the weakest position on the defense, the starters are barely passable, the depth is not good and the youth is acceptable at best. We definitely need a starter quality player here, Peterson was not good, Mcbean was okay without shining in any way, Holliday is older than dirt and Smith was a disappointment. I expect us to attempt to make a move in free agency, but for now I am keeping my eyes fixed on Odrick in the draft in the 2nd round who looks like a born 3-4 DE.
FA: Starter
Draft: High to middle round

Nose tackle: Fields was okay, but he is not commanding double teams often enough to create space for the middle linebackers and defensive ends. Thomas is okay in rotation but still looks more like a DE to me, Baker is on the roster but his level is 100% unknown. I would not be shocked to see us make a move for Wilfork or Hampton, but I doubt we will land any of them. There are a few NTs in the draft this year and we could move on one in the later rounds.
FA: Outside chance at starter
Draft: Late round/UDFA

Center: Wiegmann may retire or be cut, and behind him it is anyones guess who would take over. Olsen might be able to, but I am not sold on that idea. I assume if Wiegmann is not a sure thing in the mind of the coaches that we will try to move on a center early in FA as Mcdaniels like Shanahan before him has shown he prefers not to play rookies on the OL.
FA: Starter
Draft: Late round

Guard: Hamilton is gone so that leaves us with Kuper who needs to be signed, Olsen who hasn't taken a snap yet and Hochstein who is a backup and should be no more. We need to add a starter at this position almost regardless, the only situation we wouldn't need a starter in is if Kuper is resigned and Olsen becomes the starter, in that case we would almost certainly need a new center though.
FA: Starter
Draft: High to middle round

Tackle: We have good starters, acceptable depth and good youth. I wouldn't be surprised to see us add a cheap veteran with a shot at a backup spot, probably a slightly bigger lad who is primarily a RT. This is certainly the strongest position along the OL.
FA: Backup
Draft: No action

Tight end: Scheffler is most likely gone, Branson could be an option to take over his spot as the more recieving TE on the roster, but I fully expect us to pull in a cheap veteran and a late round rookie to create competition for the 3rd roster spot.
FA: Backup
Draft: Late round pick

Wide receiver: Everything here depends on the Marshall plan, if he stays we don't need to do anything, if he goes we need to add a starter right away. We have good youth, good depth and good starters if Marshall stays.
W Marhsall:
FA: No action
Draft: Returnman maybe
WO Marshall:
FA: Starter
Draft: 1st or 2nd round pick

Fullback: I think Hillis is gone and while Larsen is a good blocker he is very one dimensional which is not something Mcdaniels really likes, so I would not be surprised to see us add a veteran here who can do a bit of everything but is a better blocker than Hillis.
FA: Cheap veteran
Draft: No action

Running back: Moreno and Buckhalter are entrenched as number 1 and 2, but we will almost certainly add some depth here for competition and to reduce the impact of camp injuries. The youth is questionable on this position with only Moreno under 30, the depth is not good and the starters need to improve.
FA: Cheap backup
Draft: Late round pick/UDFA

Quarterback: The elephant in the corner, if he has had enough rye the elephant soundly asleep in a pool of vomit under the table. Orton is almost destined to be resigned either to a 1 year tender or a short term deal and be the starter. Brandstater will almost certainly be the primary backup and Simms will be gone. That leaves us with a decent starter, a decent backup and decent youth, but we will need a 3rd stringer. This could be in the form of a veteran like David Carr or a late round draft pick. I leaning towards the latter and would not be surprised to see us take a player with decent mechanics from a smaller school with so so production in college. Maybe a Sean Canfield or Jarrett Brown could be options.

01-27-2010, 09:06 PM
If we lose Sheffler, Kuper, and Marshall -- we are in need at almost every position.

01-28-2010, 09:33 AM
I would sort it like this:

#1 - NT (hard to find and crucial to a good 3/4, which is what moves it to #1 if not found in FA)
2 - DE (bigger need is maybe LG, but good DEs are harder to find in later rounds)
3 - LG (the run blocking was abyssmal, huge need)
4 - C (key position on the line and the lack of a strong interior line is one of the factors that leads to late season breakdowns, IMO)
5 - WR (hinges on what happens with Marshall and whether Royal can rebound, also, do you invest in a long ball speed demon when your QB can't throw the long ball?)

01-30-2010, 02:59 PM
I feel like the OL is a bigger need than the Dline at this point. When we were able to move the ball on o we kept the D fresh and we were able to help the weak dline in this way as the season wore on and harris got hurt we were exposed and the d spent more and more time on the field. IMHO we need the kid from Idaho @10 or 11 then in the second we need to take the C from Flordia I would like kuper back but I could see a FA sigining to help as depth is an issue. if we have an extra 1st and 3rd from BMarsh then I would love a DE in the first as well. DT was ok (not great not horrible) I would love an upgrade here but I see G,C, and DE as the most important pieces at this point.

01-30-2010, 04:01 PM
I feel like the OL is a bigger need than the Dline at this point.

I agree with this, but there will be a good guard available with our second rounder (likely Mike Johnson and Jon Asamoah). The best two lineman (besides Suh and McCoy) for our defence are Jared Odrick (DE) and Dan Williams (NT) and, at this point, I'd project them to go in the 15-25 range in the draft.

A small trade back to the late teens, or a trade that lands us a pick there, would be ideal.