View Full Version : Jets Coach Sends Game Ball To Marty Scottenheimer

01-22-2010, 09:15 AM
Jets' Ryan sent game ball to Chargers' former coach
Jan. 21, 2010

CBSSports.com wire reports

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Jets coach Rex Ryan sent a game ball to Marty Schottenheimer after New York's playoff upset of San Diego.

The father of the Jets' offensive coordinator, Schottenheimer was fired three years ago as coach of the Chargers following a 14-2 regular season.

Brian Schottenheimer said Thursday that he was touched when he learned of his boss' gesture two days earlier, and joked that it didn't even occur to him to do it.

Marty Schottenheimer was fired in February 2007 after the Chargers lost their first playoff game despite owning the NFL's best record. He had 35 wins and two AFC West titles in his last three seasons in San Diego, where his son was quarterbacks coach from 2002-05.

"It felt nice to pick up the phone after the game and talk to my father," Brian Schottenheimer said Thursday.


01-22-2010, 09:16 AM
Nice gesture, I'm starting to really like the Jets coach over the last few weeks.

01-22-2010, 10:52 AM
wow . .. thats just awsomeness! Nice to see the classy oraganization getting what aknowledgement it deserves, from top to bottom. Classless punks.

Pony Boy
01-22-2010, 11:04 AM
Very nice touch, I hope Marty puts it on the shelf next to the ball Elway sent him for his help getting into HOF.

Irish Stout
01-22-2010, 11:14 AM
This is hilarious!

Firing a coach after your team goes 14-2 is the most amazing thing I have seen in a long time San Diego.

01-22-2010, 11:41 AM
I think it's hilarious. It'd be even more hilarious if his son weren't a coach on the team, and they just sent it to kick San Diego while they were down.