View Full Version : Police tried to keep Jackson from Chuugers game, hahaha

01-19-2010, 12:23 AM
Put him in handcuffs just hours before the game, for exipred tags, playing loud music and suspended license.

What an idiot. Oh, let me see, think I will drive myself to the game with no tags and no license and then play my music loud as hell to draw attention to myself. I mean, what can go wrong? I get pulled over and cuffed and miss a playoff game?..............well, almost moron.

Too funny.

Norv says he doesn't have a concern about Vincent. Well you would have if he missed the damn game, lol.

He's already been arrested for 2 DUI's. And were there not some people in here that hated Marshall so much about his off the field problems and wanted to bring Jackson in here? LMAO at those guys.


SAN DIEGO -- Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson was handcuffed briefly and had his car impounded following a traffic stop on Sunday just a few hours before a playoff loss to the New York Jets, police said.

Det. Gary Hassen said Monday that a traffic officer pulled over Jackson for playing loud music. The player was cited for driving with a suspended license and expired tags. Jackson was briefly handcuffed, which Hassen said is part of standard procedure in such situations.

Jackson has been arrested twice for suspicion of driving under the influence since joining the Chargers. He pleaded guilty in a 2006 case and was on probation when he was arrested again last January. That case has been delayed several times.

"I don't have a concern about Vincent in general," coach Norv Turner said.

Jackson avoided reporters by leaving the Chargers' complex through a back way on Monday. He got into a car and was driven away.

General manager A.J. Smith didn't return a call seeking comment.

The traffic stop occurred near Chargers headquarters, about two miles north of Qualcomm Stadium. Jackson had to catch a ride to the game with quarterback Philip Rivers.

"Billy and I carpool," Rivers said, referring to backup quarterback Billy Volek. "Vincent joined in."

01-19-2010, 01:20 AM
Sounds like he was pulled over initially for a DWB infraction.

What a ****in' bozo.