View Full Version : OT Document Friday: "Subject: Assassination."

01-15-2010, 09:55 AM
Figured I'd share my work with my buddies on the mane again.

Here's the lead:

In 1975 President Ford acknowledged that the government of the United States had previously plotted and attempted to assassinate foreign nationals (The infamous CIA “Family Jewels” document obtained by the [National Security] Archive confirms that Fidel Castro was targeted). In 1976 Ford condemned these actions and issued Executive Order 11905 which prohibited employees of the United States from “engag[ing] in, or conspir[ing] to engage in, political assassination.” Does this Executive Order –still on the books– make it illegal to spy, follow, and then use drones to kill suspected Al-Qaeda and Taliban members in countries not at war with the United States? Nope, according to today’s hot doc entitled, “Draft Memorandum of Law, Subject: Assassination.”

You can find the rest (and the actual doc) here:


What do you think?