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01-03-2010, 08:20 PM
Our D has improved, but still has a lot of work to do.

Our lines on both side are a laugh. Which is baffling, since our O-line has been tops for years and years. What did they change to make it such a disgrace?

Moreno is not as good as some thought he was.

Orton is not the answer to this team. He would make a solid backup. He also should not be replaced unless he is replaced by a franchise-quality QB. Orton is not a franchise QB.

*** McD.. I don't want him gone. I want him put in his place. Bowlen needs to grab his nads, and explain to McD that he has no place dismantling the team due to ego or in an attempt to "prove" who is in charge of the team. I think he has a solid football mind, and a strong desire to win. He also acts like a BillP with no credentials at all to back up this attitude. You need to earn respect. He hasn't earned crap. Let him run the team, but don't let him run the team into the ground.

In that light, Bowlen should make it very clear to McD that he needs to do everything in his power to keep Marshall. Our team needs to stop losing stars, and bringing in mediocre "character" players.

It's clear to me that the team was not focused on winning today. The melodrama in the locker room took precedence to the game,and it showed. This is SQUARELY ON MCD'S shoulders. It's his job to get the team focused on the game. Benching two players during the biggest game of the year was just sheer stupidity. hmm.. gee, you sure proved who is in charge! Enjoy the offseason?

Get rid of the stupid worthless punter. Ironic he had his best game today.. get rid of him fast.

Keep Nolan.

If you get rid of any key players (i.e. Shef, etc.), fine. But don't make it a pissing contest. Make it clear it's business, and for the best of the team. Making it personal has really screwed up the attitude of the team this year.

McD is over his head, but I think he can get it straight. But I sincerely believe that Bowlen needs to step in. Crap.. this is his team.. does he really want to see it flushed down the toilet?

All in all, I'm not jumping off any bridge. At the start of the season, I said we'd win 7, maybe 8 games. Not exactly how I expected us to do this, but I think we can improve, if McD makes some smart choices in the offseason, and doesn't alienate the team.

01-04-2010, 07:32 AM
Our D has improved???

WTF were you watching yesterday?