View Full Version : Never been this upset over the officating in my life

12-27-2009, 06:24 PM
I have never been this upset over the officiating in a Broncos game in my entire life. I am physically sick.

First the non call on Stokely. He knew we had no chance. Thats why he went off. The Broncos werent going to get a call all day. And they didnt.

Then you had the 30 yard pass interference on Champ. To me it looked like he just waved his hands in DeSeans face then they got tangled up as the ball got there, not that he went and pulled the arm. But whatever.

The hands to the face call was a gift. Maclin's 30 yard BOBBLE was a giftwrapped win. I cannot effing BELIEVE our season is going to end on THAT CALL. He did NOT have the ball on the way down. Did not. Did not. DID NOT.

Eff Phil Simms. The ball clearly squirts around and bobbles out as he goes down. That is not a catch. Last time I checked you have to (1) catch the ball ALL THE WAY TO THE GROUND. And (2) HAVE CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE.

There is no way the Broncos should have lost this game on THAT call. None the less the other phantom calls, and the no calls against our receivers.

I'm done with the NFL this season. I hope they are locked out. Maybe they'll get these BS judgment calls out the game and stop them from determining a teams season.