View Full Version : Thought Shanny was bad? Welcome to the McSlow offense

12-27-2009, 06:03 PM
Congrads. We just paid $100 mil this season for someone not named Shanahan to crash the end of the season just like he did. Someone who could not get any of the toys he inherited work - Royal, Hillis, Larsen, and yes, Cutler.

Shopping tip number one: We need a offensive coordinator. The McSlow has killed this season. And yes, failure on offense falls on the person calling the offense. No matter how much Jay Sucked in Chicago, or the defense rocked in the first part of the season, it still is a failure.

No matter how well McDaniels does next week, his team will still end up exactly where the Shanny team did last year. And that's a shame given we spent $10 million for someone other then Shanny.