View Full Version : Photos of Tailgatenut's Party at the Raiders Game

Mile High Mojoe
12-24-2009, 10:13 AM
Thanks for a great party Leo. You are the Master of the Tailgate Party Bro. I was going to post them all individually but I know space is limited so I'll just post the link:


12-24-2009, 10:19 AM
Gotta love Leo's new faid shirt. well done

Tombstone RJ
12-24-2009, 10:24 AM
Great pics, thanks!

12-24-2009, 11:35 AM
Leo is the man, no question about it.

Glad to see Montrose made the scene as well.

Los Broncos
12-24-2009, 11:46 AM
Good photos, thanks again for the Cleveland tailgate.

Had a great time.

12-24-2009, 12:14 PM
One of these days I'll make it out there!

12-24-2009, 12:32 PM
That's a nice ride Tailgatenut!!!!!

Looked like a real good time

12-24-2009, 12:50 PM
Tailgatenut + Mississippi mud + single malt scotch + raider fan = bad things are going to happen :)

SJ Bronco
12-24-2009, 12:56 PM

12-24-2009, 02:12 PM
Looks like you guys had a good time! Too bad the game had to be a loss. It looked like it would have been a blowout during the 1st quarter.

12-24-2009, 02:14 PM
Really, Chris, it should have been! Our red zone offense sucks really bad.

12-24-2009, 02:25 PM
Montrose has been visiting Leo pretty much all season if I'm not mistaken... further proof that Leo is a legend in Tailgating, open to all and he never asks for anything other than help cleaning up. What a guy.

12-24-2009, 04:03 PM
Some people on this board really do a fantastic job hosting for others during these tailgates. No doubt about it. Many props to them. They know who they are.

12-24-2009, 06:49 PM
Leo, I'm craving those dang bacon wrapped jalopanoes...

12-24-2009, 07:37 PM
Leo, I'm craving those dang bacon wrapped jalopanoes...

Great pics! and yea those bacon wrapped jalapenos sounds great!