View Full Version : The concept of tearing down to help you rebuild.

12-22-2009, 11:18 PM
I'm not talking about the Broncos... but the draft board doesn't get enough action

We all know we've done it in Madden, but whose to say it wouldn't work??

Your a ****ty team, most of the time you get a new coach, maybe draft a QB and expect him to save the day, then a few years ride out and the process starts over... I say you tear the whole team apart and start from scratch, take just as much time bringing together a staff as you do a team, then find the start the team over.

For the sake of the conversation I'll use a team who NEEDS TO, the Browns... take your stab at another team.

The Browns are awful, you don't pick up Mangini because you have a 3-4 in place, you pick the best possible coach you can get, in my oppinion they Bring in Bill Cower.

Next step is to take all three of your QB's and get whatever you can for it, if you beleive in any one of them, and not kinda beleive or hope, if you fullheartedly beleive in one of them, you trade the other two for anything you can get

Third step, Joe Thomas is your biggest asset, BUILD AN OLINE AROUND HIM, the first thing you do to build an offense is build yourself a top 5 line in the leuge, pay FA's draft G's or C's in the secound (possibly one from these trades i'll talk about)

Step 4 - Trade anybody you can for draft picks... anybody, this team is bad, you need new faces and a new attitude, bundle up some guys and trade em all at once (If we could have gotten a decent draft pick for Dre Bly, Boss Bailey, Jarvis Moss, and Ryan Torain altogether then we would have been up a decent draft pick) at this point 2nd and 3rd round picks are your best freind. Get as many as you can. If you have to trade seven of your guys at once DO IT! THIS IS A NEW TEAM!

Step 5 - Hopefully you've accumulated about 6 (or more without such a horrible team) picks in the first 3 rounds without giving up your other picks and possibly even adding later round picks. THIS BECOMES THE CORE OF YOUR TEAM, GIVE THEM A COUPLE YEARS.

Step 6 - Build the front 7, slightly less important then the O-line, constantly address this through the draft and FA, don't try to take your ****ty players you already have and move them around.

BAM let it build.

12-23-2009, 02:41 AM
The monkey wrench in the whole works is that sometimes, even the most "sure thing" draft picks don't work out that way. You've also got to get lucky. For example, the Pats getting Tom Brady in the sixth round. Or the Broncos with TD.

12-23-2009, 02:53 AM
Throw a lug nut into the manifold of a 396/375 hp nova.

That's what we did.

Pick Six
12-23-2009, 10:08 AM
The era of free agency has squashed that theory. College football is better suited for building a program, since a majority of true freshmen stay for 4 years. It's more tricky to build a team with players always going after the almighty dollar, and not really caring where they get it...

Mr. Trout
12-23-2009, 11:47 PM
My thoughts just for fun.
1. The Browns would get nothing of value for their QB's. They are awful.
2. A guy like Bill Cowher is not chomping at the bit for a job in Cleveland. I am 95% sure he would decline an offer in less than 20 minutes.
3. Packaging a bunch of turd players together and trading them does not work. It just makes a bigger turd and teams would rather have you cut them. Then they could pick up the dudes they want, rather than take on four turds' salaries. That is a pipe dream. The Broncs would have got absolutely zilch for all of those guys you listed.
4. good call on the o-line and defense though. Landing one bada@# free agent isn't the way to go. They need to land a couple solid contributors a year and be patient. That is about all they can do along with not drafting complete busts year after year.