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12-21-2009, 08:31 AM
Free Agents

1. Max Jean Gills – Big (325 pound) guard/center from Philly. Gives the line some strength in the run game and is good pass protector. He doesn’t have great mobility, but good enough for traps and ZBS action that we run
2. Stephen Neal (G) - McDaniels goes backs to the his roots and signs a player that knows the system and has the ability to shore up the left side for years to come. Would have gone Mankins, but I think NE resigns him
3. Richard Marshall – CB (CAR), We need a nickel back and Marshall is good bargain for Denver and can come in make some plays. Has the ability to line outside if needed
4. Benjamin Watson – TE (NE) – Scheffer gone and we need another TE that knows the system. Watson is the guy because of where he comes from.

2010 Draft Picks

1. Brian Price (JR) DT/DE – UCLA. Top notch player with great physical upside. Has great strength and ability to push the pocket while keeping his mobility. He not Suh, but he is dam close with his ability. Reminds me of Pryce or Seymour. Other Option R. McClain ILB Bama

2. Tyson Alualu – (SR) DE – CAL. Under the radar DE that knows the role of the 3/4 DE and can hold up against the run.

3. Devin Ross (SR)CB . Arizona – Kid knows how to make plays. PAC-10 honorable mention with good speed and knack for getting to the ball. He grows into Goodman type player.
Other option- Mike Johnson (rSR) G. Good sized guard (305) that plays with leverage and has the mobility to fit into this ZB/Power Trap system that Broncos are running. He looks like Kuper for larger school

4. John Skelton (SR) QB - Fordman Yes I know Orton has had a couple of good games and seems to be fitting into this system, but it long season and I still think the QB spot is a weakness. Skelton is a big smart QB that has the ability to make all the NFL throws has a quick release and can move. He needs good coaching but has a lot of potential. We see how he looks at the Senior Bowl against the “big” boys

5. None

6. Cam Thomas – (rSR) Big DT (325) that ability to get into the rotation with Fields and Baker. That would allow Nolan to move Thomas to DE and give Denver a very big athletic line. Needs to work on hand placement, but Butch Davis does have an eye for recruiting NFL talent.

7. Brandon Banks (JUOC JR) KR – Kansas State. Small Speed WR drafted to support the kick returns and punts. Total Special Teamer with the ability to take it to the house when he gets the ball.

12-26-2009, 03:09 PM
Need a punter. You thinking FA? Who?