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11-30-2009, 04:34 AM

More than 10 years ago, then-Saints coach Mike Ditka made the seemingly outlandish trade of the Saints' entire 1999 draft, plus first- and third-round choices in 2000, in exchange for the Redskins' fifth overall pick and the chance to select Texas running back Ricky Williams. In turn, then-Redskins general manager Charley Casserly used three of the Saints' picks and traded the rest away.

Blockbuster Flashback

Here is a look at the players who turned out to be involved in the Saints' 1999 deal with the Redskins for the right to draft Ricky Williams.
Round Pick Year Team Position Player
1 12 1999 Bears QB Cade McNown
3 71 1999 Bears WR D'Wayne Bates
4 107 1999 Redskins LB Nate Stimson
5 144 1999 Bears LB Khari Samuel
6 179 1999 Broncos TE Desmond Clark
7 218 1999 Broncos WR Billy Miller
1 2 2000 Redskins LB LaVar Arrington
3 64 2000 Redskins DB Lloyd Harrison

But all these years later, as the 32-year-old Williams is leading the Dolphins on a playoff push that continues Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, it is worth reviewing all the players who were drafted with the picks that were traded for Williams. Of them, the only player still playing now is Bears tight end Desmond Clark -- so maybe Ditka did know exactly what he was doing. How many teams would make that deal today? Correct, all 32.

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Or draft better?