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Bronco Rob
11-29-2009, 12:05 PM
McDaniels tells his side of the "we own you" story

Posted by Mike Florio on November 29, 2009 7:25 AM ET

Broncos coach Josh McDaniels previously has kept mostly quiet regarding the allegation from Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips that McDaniels said to Phillips before last Sunday's game between the two teams, "We own you."

McDaniels now tells Chris Mortensen and Ed Werder of ESPN that Phillips provoked McDaniels.

"I was two or three steps out of the tunnel when Shaun Phillips raced up to me with his helmet off and said, 'I'll kick your [expletive] ass, too,'" McDaniels said. (It would be a real hoot if the deleted expletive was "mutherf--king".) "I'm not saying I felt physically threatened but that's exactly the way it went down. It surprised me in a way but we played them a lot when I was in New England and he's always been that kind of guy.

"I wasn't out there trash-talking their players, going through their drills. This guy has been doing this since I've been in the league and, because they won, he takes the liberty of telling his side of the story. I didn't swear at him or threaten him. What I actually said was, 'I've heard the same thing from you for four or five years now, and when I was in New England, we owned you.'"

McDaniels also said that the Broncos have asked the league to investigate the incident, presumably since the rules have been tweaked in recent years to keep this kind of stuff from happening.

Chargers spokesman Bill Johnston told ESPN that the team didn't know of the allegations and that "we're not going to lower ourselves by responding."

Sorry, but the Chargers wouldn't be "lowering themselves" by saying whether Phillips did or didn't say what he said. The Chargers, through Phillips, already have engaged the Broncos on this issue. With McDaniels telling his story, the Chargers and/or Phillips should respond.

It seems the Chargers didn't know about McDaniels' version of the events because he didn't call coach Norv Turner to tell him about it. Though we realize that the Broncos were operating on a short week, we think that, if McDaniels were planning to go public with this situation, he should have at least given Turner a courtesy call -- especially if McDaniels also planned to offer an opinion that Turner should be "livid" about the situation.

McDaniels' decision to talk on the record about the situation seems to be part of a calculated effort to prove that the first-year coach isn't a "renegade," given his recent "F" bomb on NFL Network, allegations from Steelers safety Ryan Clark that McDaniels' taunts players, and a postgame Hulk Hogan routine after the Broncos beat the Patriots in October.

Our take? It's too late for McDaniels to alter the first impression he's made on the league at large.


Boobs McGee
11-29-2009, 12:09 PM
Little late there rob:


11-29-2009, 12:11 PM
Back in the day this stuff happened all the time now they cry about it.